A veces las fases parecen enojosamente insuperables y las caras inolvidables; otras pasamos por una fase como pasamos por una baldosa mal puesta en la banqueta y olvidamos a alguien que con ahínco se nos presentó.

Este poemita lo escribí para la escuela, pero pues me gustó bastante.

Lost now. Memory

train. Memory lane,

Memories: not lost.


Remembrances of you

Of this, of that, of us

Not us. But you and I.


The fragrance of days

Long gone by now.

Tests. Colors. Songs.


Beauty lies in the eyes

Of the beholder. I

Behold, Believe. Beware.


Music. Perfection.

Lullabies of fresh air

Young love…devotion.


Lust. Love. Lust. Love.

Lost. Losing it. Lost. Isn’t it?

Freedom. Melody. Me.


The distance. And flowers

And time. Sleep is silence.

Extensions of loveliness.


Forgetfulness widens.

Noise is the key:

A new power rises.


Colorless. Blissful.

Free will, but will not

Forever last. Forever lost.


The heart swells and bursts.

Stomach aches and turns

Turning into something.


Something. Someone.

No one to catch

A falling, fading star


Implosions, explosions.

Freaking out. Letting in

New hope, old fears.


Leaking in my head

Head, heart, lips, hair

Spirals of nothingness


Borrow an ear; lend lips

Take on a mission

Danger. Power. Faith.


Earthquakes, waves of gray

Shapes and sounds once blue

Fade. Your colors got lost.


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