[For starters. 20.10.09]

How wrong could you be? I only wanted to kiss you. There were the usual assumptions, the scents, the colors of something new and promising. There was the doubt, the curiosity, the ephemeral and yet intense desire to just try.

How wrong could it be? If it doesn’t hurt at all. It is free, replaceable, removeable. I don’t want any roses, they sound too much like past tense. Sweet, sweet fires in the street. There is no need for rain, only the sun, the sky, the sea. It is all very simple, and yet oh so loveable.

How wrong could I be? This feeling is carefully careless. Full of life, full of love… for what it’s worth. I want to just be without that desperate need to think it through. I have indeed arrived too late to play the bleeding heart show.

And it is not at all wrong, really. I want a lover I don’t have to love. It is amusing, exciting, refreshing and yet irrelevant enough to be welcome. Will you fade into this accident? You know damn well the rules to this game. So if your answer is no, could I change your mind?


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