On homophobia (2)

Apparently I CAN get more mad about this.
Yesterday I was walking towards the metro and I saw some kids pushing another one of them (them kids, because they were very clearly not friends). They were pushing him and calling him a fairy, a sissy, a girlie. Pushing him and calling him names. I got kind of mad and told my friend about it. My friend called their attention and they stopped. The kid looked like he wanted to cry but didn’t.
So this is my reason to be angry: what we, as a society, teach these kids. We tell them that being tough is putting others down, that in order to prove their ‘straightness’ they must call others names, that being tough means they’re true men and they’re better for that.
Just for the record, homophobia is one of the biggest turn-offs for me. Totally irrelevant, but factual thing. Just sayin’. The fact that you need to put others down to make yourself look ‘manlier’ is just sad.
Also, I believe that guys who call others by the ‘f’ word are insecure about their sexuality and should see a councellor to figure that out instead of taking it out on homosexual (or allegedly homosexual, since they very well could be heterosexual) guys.
On the same note, if any redneck is reading this: you are not better, manlier or have a bigger pennis each time you make homophobic jokes or remarks. You are only a degree or two more stupid than you probably already were.
But lets not blame it all on kids. As I said before, they learned to be assholes somewhere: from all the parents and all the teachers who teach them to be like that.

Wondering how did bullies come to be and are scandallized by this huge ‘new’ problem? They are your buff, tough and manly Frankensteins, thank you very much.
Oh, and parents, uncles and aunts, friends and just random people: everytime you’re being ‘darn hillarious’ at the expense of gay people or just being horrible to one, think that someone could be doing the exact same thing to your daughter, your niece, your best friend, and that each time you insult gay people, you’re insulting them too. And no one likes hearing on the news how our loved one killed him/herself because we didn’t bother to listen beyond our ignorance and close-mindedness.


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