Today I (re)watch: Gilmore Girls, 1.02

Today I watch “The Lorelai’s First Day at Chilton”. In bullet-point form because I don’t have all that much to blab about.

First, a summary: It’s Rory’s first day at Chilton, the pretentious private school for smart people with lots of money. Emily keeps trying to meddle in the Gilmore girls’ lives. Most people are dicks at Chilton, especially Paris – but hang in there, ’cause you will learn to love her. A creepy Chad Michael Murray calls Rory “Mary” like the Virgin Mary ’cause the fictional world of Gilmore girls is not exempt from the shaming of girls for looking either virgins or sluts.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

  • You know how Lorelai is painting Rory’s nails and then Lane comes with a new CD and Lorelai follows her inside? Behind the curtains you see Lane dancing and her dancing is what is shown in the opening credits for Keiko Agena. So you never see that scene (and you do all the others, trust me: I can tell you the episode for every single one). It took me a while to realize that that’s where her dancing came from. I have watched this a lot, y’know.
  • Lorelai’s alarm clock didn’t purr on time. It didn’t purr. Take a moment to enjoy that phrase fully.
  • Again with Rory’s face! When she is in the car with her mom, going past Stars Hollow High while Sam Phillips’ “I don’t know how to say goodbye to you” plays, she says nothing but her eyes and her face say a lot. She is sad but determined, she knows she needs to change schools even if she is scared. We also see Lane walking into Stars Hollow High by herself. #sadfeels.
  • Paris! We see Paris!!! Hiiiiiii baby. You will hate Paris but you will also learn to appreciate Paris for all that she is. Hang in there.

  • Oh, Emily’s humor. Everyone’s humor in this series is exactly what I am all about, but Emily being all snarky when Lorelai is basically saying Emily cannot put a foot in Chilton is hilarious. I love your bitter sarcasm, Mrs Gilmore. Don’t ever change.
  • Lorelai’s hairstyles are a disaster at the beginning of this series. They are an absolute mess and do not reflect her carefreeness and I feel like the hairdressers should apologize to Lauren Graham. Even today, about 10 years later. Apologize to the woman, please.

“Oh excuse me, sir, can you tell me where we would find the best antiques.”
“At your house, I’d guess.” Oh Michel, you fabulous jerk. Kinda ageist, though.

  • Tristan is SUCH a creep. Seriously. Which makes him normal in a high school context but man, does he get on my nerves with his I-will-be-all-up-in-your-personal-space-because-what-the-fuck-are-boundaries. You’re not funny, or charming, or special, dude, GTFO. Uber creepy.
  • We never meet anyone Michel ever dates but I bet he has all the game.
  • What’s with all the policing of how Lorelai dresses?! Her “rodeo” outfit wasn’t even that bad. And every single town person pointing it out? Sheesh. Thank Kurt I don’t live in a small town..!
  • Oooh oooooh the first instance in which Lorelai considers Luke as a potential partner. Man, those two took a while to get it together. What I find hard to believe, though, is that they never hook-up or kiss or do anything in all that time. Although I guess that would go against the television norm that is that first people fall absolutely in love and then they have sex. Which is not how things go most of the time IRL, but ohhh well.

I don’t have all that much to say about this episode. It serves to make it even clearer to the audience how strained and stressful the Lorelai-Emily relationship is, it introduces Chilton and lets the audience know that academic achievement will be the source of a lot of drama for the next 3 years. I do wanna note that I appreciate this a lot. The setting for a lot of things in the first three years of the series is a high school, and not too much of that is about boys or pregnancies or stuff like that. Even the girl-on-girl rivalry isn’t (primarily) about boys most of the time. Not saying that fighting about Ivy League schools makes you better, but it is a nice change from *all* the TV school drama that necessarily revolves around boys.

I think of this episode as Pilot 2.0, because it expands on the introductions in episode 1, adding some details to the emotional depth of certain relationships and dynamics.

Woohoo. Next time we play golf. And shit.


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