Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 1.03

The summary: Rory goes golfing with her grandfather, Lorelai gets all weird about her daughter having a good time with her family (which is bad because..?) and that’s it. There is a double wedding at the Inn in which two twin sisters marry two twin brothers and Michel makes an ableist joke about “Let me know when the clowns and the midgets arrive.” That’s it that’s the whole 45 minutes.

x x

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

The old dudes at the sauna being all sexist and gross about their granddaughters (“You’re lucky, my granddaughter looks like she just fell off a potato truck” “My granddaughter would never be caught here, it might get in the way of time spent in the tattoo parlor, or getting something pierced, or doing whatever it is she does while she runs through the streets like a rabid dog”) is enough for me to utter the words: Kill Me Now.

Plus, Lorelai and Emily being super childish is painful to watch. It is probably painful because I know a lot of my resentment against family is still rooted in adolescence and I am constantly thinking I should get over it. But I can’t. And so I get that Lorelai can’t. But it is second-hand embarrassment that I feel about that whole thing.

I do have to say that I love Richard a lot in this episode. He disagrees with Emily about taking Rory golfing but he knows it means a lot to his wife that they do it, so he takes Rory golfing, and to the sauna and to lunch. He wants to let Rory in and I think in a way his reluctance is because Lorelai had never wanted in to his world. He also encourages Rory in her wanting to travel the world even when Rory says she wants to go backpacking – which we later learn Richard finds extremely ridiculous and funny. He likes sharing those moments that were perhaps a little strained and stressful with Lorelai.

I have more trouble being empathetic to Emily because she is just extremely unreasonable at times. But I guess she would not see her requests or expectations as unreasonable. I also identify strongly with Lorelai and have always seen a lot of my dad in Emily so duh of course I am going to find it difficult to feel Emily’s feelings. But I try, and will continue to try in this nth run that I do of the entire show.

That’s all for 1.03. Ooooh I like the next one ’cause it gives me Rory feelings. And I don’t often have Rory feelings. Who am I kidding I always have Rory feelings.


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