Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 1.05

I am watching Cinnamon’s Wake, tonight. This is a cute one! (They’re all cute, but this one in particular. It’s uber cute.)

First, a summary: Max (Rory’s English teacher) and Lorelai meet again and again fuck each other with their eyes. They agree to maybe go on a date. The day of said date a Stars Hollow loved one dies so they agree to reschedule soon. The whole town gets together for the wake. The bland new kid has the hots for Rory.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

This episode is just adorable. Even Dean who is usually the most boring person ever (after Jason… you’ll get there) is kiiiiiind of entertaining.

First, Babette and Morey are the sweetest darlings. You can see how much love and affection and understanding there is, and that you gotta give to the actors too. They have really good chemistry and they are funny while not being caricatures or anything. They are quirky, but above all, human. Couple-y and sweet humans. Who have a cat, who dies. And they mourn their loss together.

Second, Max and Lorelai. My God, the way they look at each other! It is fantastic. And Max is amazing. He is smart and funny and good with the words and just so confident without being annoying. I like it a lot when they are talking at the bake sale: their back-and-forth flirting situation is super fresh and nice to witness.

Third, and reluctantly so, Dean and Rory. I don’t give more than a shit and a half about Dean, but Rory makes me think of myself in this episode.

x x

With my current #slutstatus (inside joke, nevermind) it may be hard to even recall this, but I was the most awkward, shy-with-the-boys, flustered-around-cute-faces kid in the world when I was Rory’s age. Even as I was older I was still a dork about people I thought were attractive (who am I kidding? this still happens to me sometimes..). I remember when I preferred to avoid boys rather than being vulnerable in front of them and letting them see I liked them. As annoying and predictable and boring as Dean is, I think he was a good first encounter with the men-folk for Rory to have. He had good intentions and was never too much for Rory to handle. He ended up being too little, to be honest.  But yeah, what I am saying is, I feel Rory’s awkwardness in my soul.

I also love Miss Patty a lot and we are introduced a bit more to how her character is: very confident, very sex-positive, very caring.

Miss Patty: (Looks at Dean) Ohhhh, I see what you’re here for. He wouldn’t fit in a basket, no, no.
Rory: Patty! It’s not like that. He (Dean) is just a person. A boy-type person.
Miss Patty: My favorite kind.
Rory: I really don’t even know him.
Miss Patty: Right, you don’t know him.
Rory: I don’t.
Miss Patty: You said.
Rory: Please don’t tell anyone.
Miss Patty: I promise I won’t tell a single soul that you don’t know that young man.

Ohhh Miss Patty, you sassy, gorgeous human.

So yeah this episode is adorable although it starts the painfully cheesy adventures of Dean & Rory. Oh well.

Next time, a birthday!


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