Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 1.08

Today I am watching Love & War & Snow, one of my season 1 favorites.

As always, my summary first: There is snow, which means people are left stranded places (but with pretty pretty snow!). Max is left stranded in Stars Hollow, Lorelai is kept away from Friday night dinner, Rory must stay the night at her grandparents’. Lane touches a boy’s hair.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

First of all, have I told you guys about how much I love town meetings? And in this episode we see our very first one! They are so so so wonderful, and this one is no exception. In this one, the Gilmore girls watch Luke be his usual grumpy-but-actually-honest about town traditions, which we saw a bit of in the previous episode – with Luke refusing to decorate his diner in a ‘fall’ theme.

After that, enter Max Medina’s sexy voice. They chose the perfect actor to teach English literature: I could listen to him all day. Once again, I have a thing for teachers. I love that Lorelai gets all giddy and listens to the voice mail message again and again.

This episode kickstarts another beautiful Gilmore girls tradition: Lorelai’s love affair with snow. Now that I think about it, Lorelai may have influenced me in favor of winter and snow since before I came to Canada. I should send Amy Sherman-Palladino a thank-you note.


Lorelai’s story about being sick and seeing the snow outside is just the most adorable thing. She also brings that joy and glow to Luke’s grumpy life and that’s beautiful. The chemistry Scott Paterson has with Lauren Graham is incredible, the way they light up around each other. It is cheesy but in a way I can handle, for some reason.

And right after that, Lorelai runs into Max, who she also has a wonderful, sexy, smart chemistry with. And here I am, biting my lips, thinking, why can’t Lorelai be poly?! To be honest she has the best chemistry with everyone so her being monogamous is just being cruel and unfair. Imagine a triad of her, Rachel and Luke? OMG.  I love the scene where Max and Lor are making out on their way to Lor’s bedroom because it’s not racey at all, perfectly okay for a family show, and yet very very sexy. So well done.

I feel Lane’s pain a lot. Growing up with many of my friends jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend, girlfriend to girlfriend, usually prioritizing their lovers and not their friends, I felt left out a lot of the time. Also, Dean and Rory are nauseating. No I will never not complain about them. Ever. “Don’t be sorry, be here.” We all have moments in which our friends seem to have it all and we feel like we have nothing and it’s tough and it’s sad and it’s infuriating. And then when she touches the boy’s hair and she flips and thinks its the end of her world! Boy, do I remember that feeling. Sometimes I think of every embarassing thing I have ever done and a feeling of overwhelming shame showers over me, even today. “Look at it from a different perspective. You have so many years of screw-ups ahead of you: view this as a trial-run for real grown-up humilliation.” At the same time, with Lane feeling jealous, I feel like communication is super important and I am glad she talks it out a bit with Rory afterwards. Negotiating boundaries and scheduling and priorities. Here I am, talking about poly again.

In the meantime, Rory has some alone time with her grandparents, one of the first times we see in the show. I love it because you can see all the love, the good intentions, the Lorelai-free, tension-free naturally flowing conversation.

Richard: Rory, are you in any way malnourished or in need of some international relief organization to recruit a celebrity to raise money on your account?
Rory: I’m good.
Richard: She’s good, Emily.
Emily: Your sense of humor rears its ugly head in the oddest of times, Richard.

And Rory daring to give her grandparents reheated pizza with parmesan cheese for dinner: Glorious. They are endearing in their privileged ways. My heart melts when Rory brings out that old photo album and shows it to Emily and Richard. Rory really wants them to get along, but there is so much history and failed expectations and heartache that happened before she even came into the picture, some of which came precisely because she came into the picture. I kind of want to hug Rory in this episode. It is definitely not the same, but there are things in my extended family that happened before I was born or when I was really young that I still don’t understand fully and don’t know the depths of, nor can I fix them. There is a disconnect in being the youngest and seeing just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to family issues. You feel like it is unfair and like you are your own person and they should treat you as separate from the history behind you. Sigh. And then when she looks at Max with Lorelai and then at her parents’ old picture..! I do not know how that feels. But my heart breaks just the same. OOOhhh ohh we will be meeting said dad person soon. And boy do I have things to say about that adorable manchild.

Next episode, we dance!


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