Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 1.09

This episode has a lot going on. I don’t love it but I also love it.

The summary: There is a school dance at Chilton. Rory goes with Dean and then they establish they are boyfriend and girlfriend (barf!). They stay up reading Dorothy Parker (that’s how I discovered her! oh the joys!) and then Lorelai and Emily flip out about that.

I’ve been there and done that, so THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

I love Friday night dinners a lot. Especially the ones where Emily, Lorelai and Rory negotiate their boundaries and what goes on. It is a woman-ruled family in most respects. Just wait until you meet Trix. I also love that Lorelai defends Rory’s will in front of Emily even if later on she voices her concerns about Rory not wanting to go to the dance, with her. She knows how and when to address things and can read Rory much better than Emily can, for obvious reasons. But it is interesting how she does not (or, rarely does) team up with Emily.

I have to admit, I have a new appreciation for Rory. I like her sometimes. When she is talking back at Tristan, for example. Gah he is such a sleezebag. The way he manipulates Paris with the “did you cut your hair?” thing, knowing that she likes him (for some weird, unknown, impossible to understand reason), the way he behaves with Rory and Dean at the dance. He is gross. Even the way he treats his date like she is disposable – ugh. And honestly, the show of toxic masculinity there between Dean and Tristan is pathetic. But then Paris still wants to know if Tristan is okay and he is an asshole – again. I hate how later in the series they try to make his story into a “oh poor Tristan, he has a real thing for Rory”. So what if he does? He is a dickhead about it the whole time. Also, like, you like someone and they don’t like you back, boohoo. Blergh. Such entitled bullshit.

Emily and Lorelai’s night in is classic Amy Sherman Palladino. They get along and have their hilarious monkey lamp conversation (I want a monkey lamp!) and they have cute mother-daughter bonding-over-sickness thing and then Amy takes that away from us! So many feels. Emily was out of line but she has so many pent-up feelings of feeling abandoned when Lorelai left. And Lorelai was way out of line wigging out like that with Rory, because she knows Rory didn’t do anything. Also, if she had, that’s not the way to react, unless you want to alienate your child. She is 16, not 12. I understand (not fully, but generally speaking) the panic of waking up to your 16yo daughter missing, and then different panic/confusion of knowing she woke up next to a boy – however little or much you know about the context in which this happened. But, let’s not even go with the judgmental “Rory wouldn’t do THAT”, because it’s not about her not being a “bad girl”, it’s about her being genuinely in another stage in her life. Also, even if she did, she would stay safe. And Lorelai knows this, or should know it.

Blergh. I am having feelings all over again. And this is the nth time I watch this show. Ohhh Gilmore girls.


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