Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 1.14

Ah, That Damn Donna Reed.

Let’s get to the summary: After watching the Donna Reed Show with Dean, Lorelai is going to help Luke paint his diner, and Rory agrees to catsit for Babette’s kitten, Apricot. Hilarious things happen, and some annoying things too.


SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

Ugh, Dean is the worst. He is the fucking worst. Him arguing that the typical patriarchal nuclear family of 1950s America “sounded nice” should have been the first indicator that Rory and him were not a good fit.

Dean: For some reason Thursday’s always very busy [at the market]. Lots of *oppressed housewives* shopping for their husbands’ dinner.

Fuck you, Dean. And then he calls Rory sensitive because she was calling out his sexist ideals. And then he tells Rory that the only reason she thinks the way she thinks it is because her mom does, basically calling her a mindless idiot when the only idiot is him. He is a condescending, gaslighting, sexist dickface. And then he makes his pouty face and leaves like he is the victim?!

But also, I think arguing about TV shows can be a totally legit thing. You get to unveil people’s actual thoughts on different things. [Here come some spoilers] If you see this argument, and then jump forward to how he treated his wife, like disposable trash basically even though she tried so hard to be the perfect wife… ugh. Fuck Dean Forrester.

This is one of my biggest issues with the show, and the fandom. They treat Dean like he is the ideal first boyfriend or something. He is a manipulative, condescending, sexist, jealous, controlling, uninteresting, overly-clingy, insecure white boy. Sure, he is stable (and that is only comparing him to Jess or Logan), but like, the most abusive partners tend to be pretty “stable” too. Anyway, rant over, for now.

Lorelai’s painting song is absolute gold. And her wanting to help Luke paint is adorable. But when they are looking at Luke’s dad’s order on the wall… that’s the intro to a fucking porno. The tension is all up in my face. I need a break.
And then when she calls Luke and Luke thinks it is a booty call (although, how would he know? the premise of him is that he is a loner and a dork…anyway) and he looks all happy and ready to go. Ugh. Damn it Lor, that was the moment to pounce. Afterwards, when she admits to Emily that she may have feelings for Luke… oh god. The feels.

It pisses me off that Rory decides to sort of apologize when she did not do anything wrong. And she does the whole Donna Reed him to please him or something. Ugh. They suck. Then Dean acts as if he is unbelievably nice for not expecting that of Rory. Psssht.

Then Rory finds Apricot and Luke finds Stella  – I like how this storyline plays well with the whole “Lorelai & Skippy” thing of her being unable to have pets – and all is good in the world.

Exceeeeeeept, oh no. Who is that motorcycle guy?

The fucking worst guy… after Dean. And Jason. We’ll get there.


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