Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 1.15

Christopher Returns, and boy do I regret he did.

First, a summary: Christopher (Rory’s dad) shows up out of absolutely nowhere (’cause he is a gold-star dad) and stays with the Gilmore girls. Emily and Richard have Chris’ parents – Straub and Francine – over for Friday night dinner. Lots of drama happens and then Lorelai sleeps with Chris because they’re both 16 apparently. In the end, he leaves. Again.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.


Chris: I’ve been tying up loose ends in my life.
Lorelai: Do they make that much string?

Oh Lor, I love your brain. Lorelai had every reason to not have faith in him, or believe a word he says. He had never been to Stars Hollow, he’s surprised that Rory studies a lot. He does not know his daughter at all, and now he shows up and everyone should just open their arms and legs and throw him a party? No. NO. The worst.

At the same time, I see his charm. He is smart and fun and cute and Lorelai has such a history with him. I have definitely fallen for a couple of Christophers in my life – some of them with the same name. But he is also an immature fuckface, unreliable, entitled and an all-around privileged white boy.

I think that more than hating Christopher, I really dislike how everybody lets him off the hook and praises him like he is someone to look up to. Richard tells Rory that he hopes she gets her dad’s business smarts and talents, and ummm, excuse me but, who is the one who worked her way up and runs a place now? Who is attending a business class and is graduating soon, while working and supporting her daughter? Not him.

And then come the Haydens. What an insufferable pair of twatfaces. They blame Lorelai (slutshaming yay!) for two sixteen year olds mutually, consensually, having sex? She raised and supported Rory all on her own too, so if Christopher has not done anything of his life, it is all on him. But also… why did Lorelai make the Bush comment? I know her immature spontaneous comments are supposed to be charming but she can be super irresponsible, not seeing the consequences of what she says/does. She is definitely not to blame but a part of me is like “come on, Lor, you know better.”

The conversations that follow that huge fight with the Haydens hit me super hard. Lorelai rarely acknowledges that her parents have feelings and that leaving her house at 16 devastated them. At the same time, Richard continuing to blame Lorelai for getting pregnant and for not wanting to get married to an immature fuckface at 16 is not acceptable.

Secondly, the short conversation between Emily and Rory is so important. It must have been so confusing and hurtful for Rory to hear all those strong words being thrown about, most of which had to do with her very existence. So it is sweet and smart of Emily to see that, and talk to her about it.

It breaks my heart when Lorelai sleeps with Chris and ditches Luke’s paint date. This is the first of a few times that Lorelai ruins everything to be with Chris. And then Christopher proposes to Lorelai. How much of an entitled, obtuse, immature, unstable idiot do you have to be? It is not romantic, or soulmate-material. And doing that somewhere his daughter could hear? Irresponsible, delusional, and stupid.

Haha. These last few reviews are all rant and no play. It will get better, I promise. I’ll try.


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