Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 1.17

The next few episodes are kind of painful. This one in particular.

First, a summary: This is, as the title (The Break Up: part II) suggests, the aftermath of Rory and Dean breaking up after Dean was the world’s biggest crybaby fuckface. Lorelai decides to go visit Max to “talk”, while Rory goes to Madelaine’s party where she finds another crybaby fuckface to kiss.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

I understand Rory  in this episode. I do. I would not want to talk about that kind of break-up or why it happened right away. But she feels ashamed and she shouldn’t. I know that’s not how feelings work though. If she wasn’t ready to say “I love you”, she wasn’t ready to say “I love you”. Period. Watching Lorelai insist on Rory telling her that same night is embarrassing, though. Lorelai has no sense of privacy or boundaries or the right time to talk about things. I really don’t like that about her, and she does that time and time again, dismissing Rory’s boundaries. Like, yes, they’re close and that’s wonderful. But they deserve space, and Lor should not be the dictator of how much space is enough space. And dictating how Rory should deal with her heart-break is condescending. Rory will get to wallowing or not, but she will do it at her own pace. Anyhoo.

I am Rory to an extent that it is obscene in this episode though. I try my best to do everything that is not thinking about how much my heart hurts. I go out with friends, rearrange my room (by the way, I love love love that Rory moves the living room in such a way that the TV is behind the sofa – gets me every time!), clean my kitchen. I get to my feelings eventually, and I give myself the time and space to do so, but first I need to do things, feel useful and productive. After all that, I take time to self care. But first, I am Mrs Productivity. I also relate to wanting to control when to talk about things. While I appreciate the town’s efforts to try to cheer her up and advice her and hug her, she needs time to think about stuff first. She didn’t control the way the break-up happened, so she wants to at least control the aftermath and how/when she talks. I get that.

[I agree with Kirk that Dean’s floppy hair is suspicious. And the fight between Luke and Dean is hilarious. That’s not even fighting.]

Rory going to that party after having her heart broken by a silly boy is the spitting image of me. Except my heartbreak involves alcohol, or impulse purchases that come along with it. Her choice was alright.

[Paris being the friend who reminds her friends to use a condom is my favorite thing: “No glove, no love”. Bless that woman.]

Tristan being all “boo hoo this girl doesn’t like me, everyone likes to see me suffer, poor me!” is sickening. He was being an entitled, jealous, scene-making boyfriend and he got dumped. Big deal. Ugh, whatever. I don’t care about this boy’s feelings. I just don’t and will not ever.

In the end, Rory wallows. Yay? No. That break-up is gonna drag on for a while still.

Speaking a bit about Lorelai and Max talking (and humping) again, please tell me, whose chemistry do you like more (up to this point – because I have watched the whole series my perspective is damaged now but I want to know) – Lorelai x Max or Lorelai x Chris or Lorelai x Luke? Or Lorelai x Kate Walsh? I ask because whenever I see Lorelai and Max making out I get all sorts of tingly feelings, not gonna lie. Anyway. Bye.


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