Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 1.18

Oh fellow 3 people who follow my reviews, you are in for a treat. You are meeting Lorelai the First in this episode, aka Trix, aka Emily’s Emily.
The summary: Lorelai the great grandmother comes to stay at Richard and Emily’s house to Richard’s delight, Emily’s horror, and Lorelai’s amusement. She offers Lorelai an offer she can’t refuse. But then Lorelai and Emily ruin it by being jealous crybabies. 

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

Emily: So you were on the phone..?
Richard: Long distance.
Lorelai: God?
Richard: London.
Lorelai: God lives in London?
Richard: My mother lives in London.
Lorelai: Your mother is God?
Richard: Lorelai…
Lorelai: So, God *is* a woman..!
Richard: LORELAI…
Lorelai: And a relative! That’s so cool. I’m gonna totally ask for favors.
Richard (to Rory): Make her stop.
Rory: Oh that I could…

I’ve been waiting all season to quote this conversation. It makes my heart sing.

Okay let me just start off with Tristan and Rory and get it out of the way. I recognize myself and many girls I know in the conversation she has with Tristan about the kiss at Madelaine’s party. She apologizes for crying after the kiss and tells him it had nothing to do with him – which like, she has nothing to apologize about, but I guess I’ll allow because it can be unsettling to have your kissing partner cry after you kiss them. But then he says “I kissed you, and you cried, it must have had something to do with the kiss”. What does he want? He is not entitled to further explanation or apologies. And making it a pity fest is just such a doucheboy thing to do. She told him it had nothing to do, SO IT HAD NOTHING TO DO. Rory apologizes even more than I do for things she was not at fault for. They were both having a bad night and Tristan had his weird unhealthily-expressed feelings about Rory and they kissed. And she cried because feelings happen at odd times. But then Rory tells him it was a good kiss which if I know anything about being a woman is just an attempt at coddling his ego which is what we are taught to do: make sure their egos are never ever hurt because God forbid a guy thinks he is not the hottest shit under the sun. And he does the predictably sleazy move: “wanna try again?” Gross.
Then Rory goes on and rips on Summer for having “no substance”. Right, because Tristan is so deep and smart and “deserves better”? He deserves his own left hand and some KY. He doesn’t even deserve good lube. He DEFINITELY doesn’t deserve Paris. And did Rory seriously just tell this crybaby fuckface that Paris is crazy about him? What is wrong with her? That is some shitty abiding of the girlcode rules. Or something. To make matters worse, Tristan tells Paris that their date was Rory’s suggestion. He is the biggest dickface, and Rory is the biggest high-schooler for not realizing Tristan wants in her pants. Sigh.

Continuing on the Tristan thing… I love Paris so much. Paris and Rory should just jump the boy train and date each other. I must say, I did not recognize it as such but  I had feelings when I first saw this episode. There is a scene (the Goddesses know I looked for a GIF without luck) where Paris takes off her coat and my mind went BOOBS! We seldom see Paris without a coat or her uniform or other clothes that allow Liza Weil to pretend to be a teenager. But that blouse: OMG. Is that inappropriate? Liza was way over 18 but she is playing a teenager. This is confusing and could lead to another blog post where I talk about how casting adults to play teens has everything to do with the sexualization of teens and how we all have eyes… Anyway…

I have a theory that Paris Geller, at the end of GG, decides to go into Law instead of Med School but she murders someone so she changes her name to Bonnie Winterbottom to, y’know, get away with it.

So, back to Trix. It is fitting that she doesn’t have a great relationship with Emily, and that Trix is the figure that Emily is to Lorelai. They are both extremely strong-willed, stubborn, and they both think that their way is best for everyone. But man! I love that every woman in that family is a tornado that takes shit from nobody. I love the fact that, in spite of Trix not approving of Lorelai’s ‘unwed’ ways, she respects that Lorelai is independent, self-sufficient and strong as heck.

I hate Emily for poisoning Lorelai’s mind, telling her that Rory is going to abandon Lorelai if she gets her trust fund. I hate her so much. I know that she wants to feel needed and her relationship with her daughter is pretty much based on money. But she knows that’s not Lor and Rory, and she just wants to manipulate the situation because she hates Trix and because she wants to keep controlling the little she can control in her daughter and granddaughter’s lives. She is loaded and she thinks it is no big deal but Lorelai passing the opportunity (or their prides and stupidity doing it for them) *is* a big deal. And Lorelai letting Emily get to her with that bullshit is unbelievable and disappointing. She knows she is not Emily, she knows Rory is not just waiting to get rid of her mother. Ugh. So upsetting. Gran is right to withdraw the offer because nobody in that family is equipped to handle it, evidently.

Emily should apologize forever though, for the next 6 seasons (which she doesn’t.)

I have always found Richard and Emily’s relationship interesting. But I reiterate: the women in that family have all the spine. Richard is just kinda there, a lot of the times. And he definitely lacks the guts to confront her mother because as much as her dynamic with Emily is entertaining to watch, it is unacceptable for Gran to treat her daughter-in-law like that. Especially if it has been this way for the 40-or-so years they have been married. Trix treats her like crap and Richard never says anything. I get that it is a “respect your elders” thing but respecting your elders and letting your elders be shitty human beings without calling them out on it are two different things. You can be respectful while disagreeing, and Richard, being a businessman, knows this very well. Poor Emily.

Wooop. That was the episode. And my thoughts on it. Next episode is even more Gilmore family gold, when Emily visits Stars Hollow. Greatness, I tell ya!


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