Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 1.20

I’m gonna go right ahead with the summary: Everybody is being annoyingly overprotective of Rory’s feelings and she gets sick of everyone and runs away… to her grandmother’s house. Lorelai and Rory finally talk about why Rory broke up with Dean and my head explodes because people should be blaming Dean. UGH. Anyhoo.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

I have always wanted to play 1, 2, 3 with someone. Will someone play with me, please?

Luke: Why am I looking? Lorelai: Because it’s like a trainwreck.

Oh, the teen love drama.

I am torn about Rory and Dean because I hate that Rory’s all wallow-y about such a turd of a guy (yes, I am talking about Dean). But I like when they are broken up because that means less screen time for said turd. I cannot wait for Jess to come along,’cause even when he is a jerk, he is a good looking, entertaining one at that.

People need to communicate better in this show. It wouldn’t have been that hard or the end of the world for Lorelai to tell Rory that Max and her had been talking, or for Lane to tell Rory that her science partner was Dean. Rory is a smart, mature girl who was already pretty blue and wasn’t going to be feeling any worse if they had been honest with her.
Honestly, I get Rory. Everybody keeps lying to her and she is feeling like shit and just wants to be left alone. Everybody is trying to protect her or fix her or something but nobody actually listens to her. She has a sad face because she IS sad. Jesus. Her first boyfriend dumped her. What is she supposed to feel? She is being a normal broken-up teen having normal teen feelings. Everyone expects so much of her and I relate and ugh. Rushing someone to be fine or protecting them from everything they need no protection from isn’t going to make them be fine sooner.

Luke is love, Luke is life.
Ranting Luke is the most sensible voice in that show, to be honest. He is me. He could have hiked the feminism up a notch, but he is basically me. How could Lorelai buy like 15 bags of things in 2 hours? I do not understand.
But DAMN does he look hot “all GQed up”.
And, like, the show pretends Luke has zero reasons for saying that Dean is a jerk and he finally let her know it (which, hello, is true, and he did) but Luke is a wise, wise man.

Max, ummmm… okay…
While everyone thanks him for his support when Rory fled to her grandparents’ house… I hate that he makes it about him and his hurt feelings about Lorelai not telling Rory about them. Lor will tell whomever if/whenever she fucking wants to. UGH. He was doing so well, but he had to show his “hey Im a dude and I have feelings that people aren’t all about 24/7!” side. And when Lorelai calls Max and tells him she is calling everyone to tell them they are together, it makes it seem like the one who was correct in their assessment was Max. Same with Rory at the end of this season.

This break up is painful to watch because blame is super misplaced and nobody (but Luke! I stand by my theory!) seems to realize that it is an emotionally abusive and manipulative and douchey thing to do to try to pressure someone into saying something they don’t feel yet or are not ready to say. Lorelai gives Rory the talk about commitment and saying “I love you” and making it a huge deal but, like, she is sixteen. She will say it when she says it, if she says it. What-fucking-ever. A boy who isn’t waiting for you to be ready is not a boy worth getting ready for. And Dean is not worth anything. Not even KY (yes, I am arguing for Tristan > Dean. At least Tristan is somewhat aware of how much of a doucheface he can be. Everyone treats Dean like he is The Perfect Boyfriend™.)

I feel like half of my reviews consist of Dean is the fucking worst tags. #SorryNotSorry


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