Today I recap: Gilmore girls, season 1

I want to do a recap kind of thing with my favorite and least favorite episodes, the most and least skippable, etc. This is super subjective and so, if you disagree, give me your own best/worst lists in the comments!

5. Christopher Returns (1.15) I hate Chris. I just do.
4. Star-Crossed Lovers & Other Strangers (1.16)
3. Love, Daisies & Troubadours (1.21)
2. The Break-Up Part II (1.17)
1. PS I Lo… (1.20)

5. Forgiveness & Stuff (1.10)
4. The Deer-Hunters (1.04)
3. Rory’s Birthday Parties (1.06)
2. Pilot (1.01)
1. Love & War & Snow (1.08)


FIVE SKIPPABLES: While I recommend watching the whole thing, if you must skip some, skip these – there is less happening, the plot barely moves, everything is annoying, or something. In chronological order:
Kill Me Now (1.03)
Rory’s Dance (1.09)
Double Date (1.12)
Concert Interruptus (1.13)
– The Break-Up Part II (1.17)

Eeeeeeeew. Just look at that peck. Gross.

FIVE NO ONE SHOULD EVER MISS: So, umm, the opposite of the last one. If you only watch 5 episodes in the whole season, first of all how dare you, but if that is the case, watch these: Also in chronological order:
– Pilot (1.01)
– The Deer Hunters (1.04)
– Love & War & Snow (1.08)
The Third Lorelai (1.18)
– Love, Daisies & Troubadours (1.21)


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