Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.01

Sadie, Sadie… Here is a summary: Lorelai accepts Max’ proposal and now everybody knows… except Emily. Who she didn’t tell and ends up finding out elsewhere. Oops. Meanwhile, Lane might be getting shipped off to Korea forever. And Rory has a special nerd dinner with the grandparents, and Dean. Big mistake.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

I’ve got to say, I did not see it the first (couple, thousand) times I watched Gilmore girls, but I could have called what’s going to happen to Lorelai & Max. I won’t do too much spoiling so I won’t get into it now. But, I mean… Come on.

Michel: A group of scientists did a study on rats where they cut their daily calories by 30%.
Sookie: And you felt left out?

So, the engagement is set…
I usually give close to zero fucks about proposals and marriage, but Sookie blubbering about how Lorelai deserves happiness makes my throat tie up in knots every time. Marriage or no marriage, Lor does deserve to be happy. And Sookie  is an amazing and caring friend.

But after the blubbering comes the foot-in-the-mouth thing. Sookie should have checked with Lorelai before calling Emily. But more obvious is the fact that Lor should have told her parents sooner. I get why she waited, and why they weren’t her first thought, but I also 100% understand Emily being hurt.

Oh Gosh. Lane might be shipped off forever. And sure, it is a long shot, but Rory’s underreaction comes off as not actually caring. I would flip out. I would cry and call Mrs Kim and organize a friggin petition for all I know.

The disaster that is usually the Friday Night Dinner. But multiplied by a hundred.
Now, I don’t need to clarify that I severely dislike Dean. But Richard behaved like a sexist, possessive, elitist doucheface. A passive-aggressive, smiling asshole. He does to Dean what the Huntzburgers do to Rory later on. Like, I know that Rory is much better than Dean in every way, but it has little to do with her academic smarts. More importantly, it is up to Rory to figure out and decide for herself. I am glad Rory walks out of that because that is unacceptable. Also, talk about an overreaction. They are 16yo’s dating. They’re not getting married tomorrow. Chilling the hell out is an option the Gilmores rarely consider.

It is so weird because during this whole exchange, Emily and Richard switch roles. This time, Emily is the sensible, calm one. And of course it would be over a boy, because of course it’s the man that has all the possessive guy feelings. Psshhht.
Anyway, this review was pieced together kind of weirdly but hopefully it makes sense and is enjoyable. And stuff.


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