Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.03

First, a summary: Lor and Max are getting ready for their wedding. They and Dean & Rory have a double date, Max has a sleep-over, Lor has a bachelorette party. They have the dress, the cake, the ring, the invitations… but Lor didn’t try her wedding dress every night. So the Gilmore girls hit the road. 

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

“We want fun, we want simple, we want fast. We’ve been completely in sync. Without the slightly gay, boy band affiliation.” Using the word gay as a bad thing, Lor? Disappointing.

I do however agree with her choice for a wedding quote: We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty. Perfect.

The Lor & Max plot thickens… and dissolves.
It is heartbreaking to see them mushy and lovey-dovey about each other at the beginning of the episode, considering what happens at the end. Although I mean we should all have seen it coming. Jumping into an engagement after having broken up because Lorelai was not ready to be that close to someone smelled like trouble already. Lor being 100% not sure about saying yes until the town was pressuring her and Max sent her a thousand yellow daisies and she got swept up by feeling special and like she finally had it all also smelled like trouble. Max & Lor’s conversation about his role in Rory’s life smelled like trouble. (But also, expecting to have a role in Rory’s life right off the bat is stupid and entitled. Lorelai is the parent, not Max. Max can’t just swoop in and call himself stepfather.) Lor having forgotten about copying her keys for Max and him snapping and telling Lor to think about someone other than herself for a minute smelled like trouble.
Lor calling Chris in the middle of her bachelorette party smelled like trouble.

BTW, the party
Michel dancing with Drag Mia Wallace is amazing. I think Yanic Truesdale should totally do drag if he hasn’t already. He would look gorgeous. He really doesn’t have as much game as his butt deserves in this show. I think adding Emily into the mix was a good idea from the writers as well. I am inclined to think she knew Lor wasn’t ready to get married. Saying her romantic story makes me very happy because however much I can disagree with half the things Emily and Richard say, they do love each other. It’s sweet.

It strikes me as weird that Chris didn’t know about Max and Lorelai being engaged. Wasn’t Chris supposed to be calling Rory more often and staying in touch? Did the two ever speak at all?

Ranting Luke continues.
His rant about the traffic light I am torn about, but his rant about marriage is something I can kind of get behind. Saying it like that, to Lorelai, is not cool, and it is super insensitive. But he is right. Monogamously mating for life is not as normal as we sometimes want to think it is. But it works for some, and pooping on someone’s life plans is not chill.

This show (and many others) are all about the grand gestures. I don’t like grand gestures. Not even the chuppah. You wouldn’t need to do grand things if you didn’t fuck up in the first place, and I am more about the small everyday things and conversations. And hugs. No one in this show hugs almost ever.

Oh wait, wait, wait. Here is some major foreshadowing:

Luke: You only get married once. Technically. Lorelai: Yeah. You only get married once. Not the two of you, though! Probably.

Lorelai, you can’t have a normal conversation about things? At the end of the episode, Lor just sweeps in and tells Rory to pack like it isn’t her daughter’s life that she is also manhandling, and it is self-absorbed and selfish.

Well then. Next up, a road trip!


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