Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.04

I would have loved to go on a road trip to Harvard with the Gilmore girls. And meeting the cat that ate Sammy.

A summary: Lor flees her wedding and goes on a road trip that gets them to a Haden’s Nut House, a cheesy B&B, and Harvard. Then they come back to the reality of a broken engagement: a cheerful Luke, a kinda indifferent Emily, and the return of a dear friend that Rory gives a little over two shits about.

I really just want to get this review over with because I am excited about episodes to come.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

I will start by saying this show, and many others, reference Freud when talking about an important psychologist and as a former psych student it annoys me because no one should ever take Freud seriously. Ever. He is a funny historical figure who paved the way for actually logical things but had pretty unscientific shit to say only. Anyway. Irrelevant mini-rant over.

The Cheshire Cat
Oh My God. I would have rather slept in the car, or a dumpster, before sleeping there. I would have been scared of being murdered in my sleep, or end up writing “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” somewhere. That said, I would have just been rude to the dentists and fled to a food place nearby.

Annoying woman: So what are the titles (of the books you’ve published)?
Lorelai: Well, there’s “Goodnight Spoon” and “The Horse That Wanted To Bark”…
Annoying woman: Oh I think I’ve read that to my grandson. The horse learns to bark and then he… What happens at the end?
Lorelai: He dies.
Rory: He learns to bark though, so it’s actually an upper. 

“Sat and forever am at work here.” Amazing.

The Max thing
I really think the Gilmore girls (like, the characters) are super well written, and so much alike. They both dislike talking about things right after they happen – when Rory broke up with Dean, when Lorelai broke off the engagement with Max – and they both go all up in each other’s faces pushing the other one to talk, disregarding each other’s boundaries.
I understand Rory wants to talk about this, because her feelings are hurt too, and because Lorelai just took up and left for a road trip without any explanation. But at the same time, they don’t have to talk about it right then and there. Cooling off and thinking how to explain her very guttural feeling to call of the wedding seem to be things Lorelai needed. Even if it seemed out of nowhere, such a decision probably took a lot of thought and energy and pain out of Lor. She had rushed into serious relationship mode and then marriage mode and it finally dawned on her that she wasn’t ready. That takes emotional work.

HA! Of course Luke is cheerful that the wedding is off.


I remember when I visited the U of Washington in Seattle. I was probably not going to get in (but I did!) and I could not afford it, but still, seeing for myself, in person, a school that I could’ve possibly attended was magical. Seeing a possible future, especially if you are into the college thing as much as both Rory and I were… wow. It makes your heart all crunchy.

Rory: You do realize that all your college jargon comes from “Happy Days” and the “Valley Girl” song? 

Lorelai pretending to be a college gal is absolutely what I would do if I were her.

I totally also sneaked into a class when I visited Concordia 5 years ago. It was a marketing class, though, so it wasn’t too exciting.

This episode is lovely and funny but also heartbreaking. And relatable since whenever I can and whenever I have an existential crisis/heartache situation, I bolt and go somewhere else. I should make slides next time. Lorelai’s slides are the best thing.

Lane is back!
Thing is… okay. I know Lane was overreacting. But since no one bothered to, I don’t know, *ask* Mrs Kim, Lane was going away forever for all they knew. And Rory was always incredibly chill about it all. It makes me uncomfortable.
I am glad she didn’t leave though. She is an amazing human.

AND YES. FINALLY WE ARE GETTING TO 2.05. I am interested in seeing how my reviews deal with the new kid in town.


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