Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.06

I don’t care at all about this episode, so this should be a short one.

The summary: Rory decides to come out (as a debutante, don’t get excited) to please Emily who feels left out of her group of shmancy friends. This requires preparation. Dean is there doing… something. Chris also makes an appearance.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

I think Rory is really sweet for doing the uber ridiculous shebang that is a debutante ball for her grandmother. I probably wouldn’t. Lorelai is pretty correct in her assessment of coming-out parties, too:

Lorelai: Do you know what a coming out party says?
Rory: It says “I’m a woman now.”
Lorelai: No. It says “Hi, I am Rory. I am of good breeding and marriageable age and I will now parade around in front of young men of similarly good breeding and marriageable age so they can all take a good, long look at me.”

I think I would feel bad for Dean for being pulled into the ridiculous affair if it weren’t for the fact that I do not care about his feelings.

A brief word on Christopher.
Or rather, a question. Multiple questions. What has he been doing all his life? His parents talk about Chris never going to Princeton like his parents wanted him to, he mentions some failed business ventures, Lorelai jokes about Chris being completely ignorant of the concept of a job. In this episode he talks about a 9 to 5 routine as something brand new to him. So what has he done all this time? Did he study something, and what? Does he still live off his parents money? How come he still doesn’t have time to call his daughter ever if he doesn’t have a routine and hasn’t had a stable job in a while? This is like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. where no one really works much and still they seem to afford everything.

Richard is being a dick this episode but I guess he is under a lot of pressure and feels like he is losing control. I don’t understand why Emily missed all the social engagements she missed though. Can she not just go by herself? Is that not a thing that strong-willed, take-no-shit Emily Gilmore would do?

I don’t care about the event though. So I will skip the entire ball.

Richard is losing some accounts and is being phased out. Poor Richard. He wants to feel useful and needed – which in a way we all do, I think.
Emily feels the heat from that and has no one to talk to. Poor Emily.

“I thought this was the uniform.”

I honestly did not see the problem with Jess wearing the Metallica t-shirt. Someone who is freaked out by a teenager wearing a mildly disturbing shirt should really go out more. But I am glad Luke told Jess to change because then Jess could mock Luke’s uniform – and seriously, does Luke have like 10 plaid shirts with white-ish tee’s or does he never change or..?

This is a short entry ’cause 1) the last one was long and 2) I have nothing else to say. Coming out parties are misogynistic and archaic, Dean is a doormat, Chris is meh. Everything stays the same.

fandance ggs2

I feel ya, Lor. I feel ya.


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