Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.10

I absolutely adore this episode. I might even not rant about Dean out of sheer happiness.

The summary: Some fancy people book a fancy, elaborate dinner thing at the Independence Inn but end up having to cancel due to snow. Since it had already been paid for and everything was already ready for the dinner, Lorelai and Sookie decide to have a massive dinner + slumber party sort of deal with the people of Stars Hollow. YAY!

Rory: She (Paris) says the news never sleeps.
Lorelai: What about Paris, does she sleep?
Rory: I think she periodically makes a whirring noise and then just shuts down.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

‘kay seriously Jess, violence is not the answer. And going off after Dean was not cool. Jess has some anger issues, clearly. Jared Padalecki’s “angry” face is hilarious, though. Who is he kidding, even? Milo Ventimiglia (Jess), even if physically much smaller, has more fight in him. Jared is just funny looking when he tries to be rowdy.

Moving along.

I have always appreciated Rory’s love and care for her grandparents. She wants them to be happy and invites them to a dinner party with her and her townspeople. My heart melts. And it does work to cheer them up, although I guess Richard’s retirement did the trick before Rory did anything. Poor Richard, he was having a terrible time, and the joy in his face when he confesses to Emily how he resigned is beautiful.

One of my favorite things about this episode is that the whole town is there, I think. It’s like one big, dysfunctional, hilarious family.

Jess outcharming the jealous twat that is Dean.

And Morey and his worry that being on time ruins his street credibility.

Richard and Emily being super adorable on the sleigh

Luke admiring the horses’ heinies.

Of course Michel likes “Do you believe in life after love?”

This moment. I love Morey so much, it hurts.

Jackson’s uber drunk shenanigans

I like that Rory starts that sleigh conversation with Jess being mad at him and defending Dean and they end up talking and they have so much more in common. NOW, I am not saying I love them together because season 3 has a lot of imperfections but they do get each other 100 times better than most characters (let alone partners) get them individually.

The Bjork snow-woman is the best thing ever.

And like, they destroyed the “ringer” perfect snowman together. Jess makes Rory fun, which I appreciate.

Anyway, that is all for this episode I think. Just a lot of love and happy feelings.


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