Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.11

This episode is actually funnier than I remember. I want to fill this review with quotes and clips.

The summary: The Crap Shack (that’s how they named their own house, don’t blame me) has termites, and Rory asks her grandparents for help, and then Lorelai and her fight over that. Lane and Rory also get into a bit of a fight because Lane has a life of her own. Paris is obsessed with knowing Rory’s PSAT scores. Because that’s how youngsters flirt these days.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

Lorelai: I am Magenta, Rory usually opts for Janet. And I had a thought.
Luke: Yeah?
Lorelai: Yeah. I was thinking that you could put on some fishnet stockings, a leather teddy, some platform boots, and go with us as Doctor Frank-n-furter.
Luke: Wow, that is a thought.

OMG I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN. Imagine. Just, imagine: Lauren Graham as Magenta, Rory as Janet (of course she would), and Luke as Frank-n-furter. The joy!

The initial scene when they realize their house is falling apart makes me happy. It is pretty funny and so so Gilmore girls.

Lorelai: So what do I have to do to fix this?
Kirk: You’d have to jack the house up, rebuild the jousts, and repair the weakened parts of the foundation.
Lorelai: All for the low, low price of…
Kirk: I haven’t done the exact extimate but I’d say somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000.
Lorelai: Tell it to move to another neighborhood.

Oh Lor. You and me and our humor when we should actually be crying.

Paris is hot for Rory’s score
Honestly since I started making the joke about Paris and Rory belonging together, I have a lot more fun watching Gilmore girls. I don’t think they could actually date, but they should have at least hooked up. Their academic one-upping is basically foreplay at some points. And in this episode, with Rory taunting Paris and not telling her her PSAT scores is one of those times. I am only half-joking.

Quick question: What time do the Gilmore girls go to sleep? 10pm? It is such a foreign concept to me. Especially with all the coffee they drink.

In any case, there they were, wandering around the streets of Stars Hollow and into Sookie’s place. Is it just me that thinks it is super selfish to call your friend 30 times when she is already asleep just cause you think you hear termites (when really you probably don’t)? I know it’s a show, so it’s just a quirky thing Lorelai does, but seriously… get a grip, woman.

Lorelai: Hey Sookie, sorry to call so late.
Rory: And so incessantly.
Lorelai: I’m sorry. They were getting organized. I heard one of them yelling, “Charge!”

Jackson’s picture pijamas do make it all worth it.

Mrs Kim is so underrated. Her chasing Rory down the street with a hose is one of the images that will remain in my memory forever.

Rory brings the termites problem with Emily, and Lorelai gets mad.
Honestly I never know what to think when they fight. Which I guess is a sign of good writing because fights usually take two people, usually two people being at least slightly right, or well-intentioned. I know Rory was trying to help, and it is her house too, but Rory is honestly often very selfish and she acts like all the baggage that her mom has is just her being stubborn when it has taken years of tension to build that baggage up. She had no right to go over her mom like that. Like, I know they act like best friends often but that doesn’t mean Lorelai is not her mom. When they make up at the end, Lorelai tells Rory that Lor has never left Rory without a house or food or books or anything, and that Rory should trust her mom. That is essential. Rory is incredibly spoiled.

On the other hand, though, Lor was being stubborn. And there seemed to be no other way, as the resolution of that particular problem showed. Honestly, Lorelai acts like a child sometimes. Accepting that appointment is going to get you, what, to have to see your mother one other time? In exchange for not letting your house fall apart? I understand the concept of not wanting to owe your parents money, or anyone for that matter, but she is ridiculous at times.

I saw an article some time ago about money relations in Gilmore girls, and how they are all negotiated by the women, and it was a way for Emily to negotiate contact with a daughter who would otherwise never hang out with her. I love and appreciate Emily a lot because even if she is manipulative at times and I disagree with her on so so many levels, she just wants to keep contact with her loved ones, whatever way she can.

It is also interesting that while Lorelai manages an inn and technically should know more about money, Emily seemed to know more about how a loan would work – with her co-signing it, which is not that hard to figure out. The way Lorelai behaved towards her mother in that bank appointment was totally not okay, unprofessional and makes her look extremely immature which is not great if you are looking to be seen as an adult.

Rory is mad because Lane has a life that does not revolve around her
Honestly I know they are 17 and they are of an age where it seems cool to diss other girls for being cheerleaders but, c’mon, Rory. So what if Lane wanted to become a cheerleader? It might seem weird to Rory because she never bothers to talk about anything that isn’t Dean or Lorelai or whatever but, seriously, Lane doing whatever she wants is something that Rory should be happy about, not be all like “you didn’t tell me” when we all know Rory would have been judgmental and mocking of Lane’s decision. Lane doesn’t have to apologize or justify shit to Rory, honestly. Rory is so self-involved sometimes. UGH.

Duh, Rory. Srsly.

I am glad she apologizes because honestly, WTF, Rory. You are better than that.

Next episode is also intense with the family drama. Oy.


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