Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.14

I don’t care about this episode all that much, so this probably won’t take long.

The summary: Rory has a debate at Chilton, and invites her dad. Her dad comes along with Sherry, his girlfriend. Sherry wants to spend time with Rory which makes everyone at least slightly uncomfortable, and at most super unreasonable (yes, of course, that’s Emily).

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

The debate
Paris is so intense, I love it. I like that she chooses to debate for doctor-assisted suicide, too. It is very her. I like Rory’s debating style too. She is very calm but firm and good with words and points. Of course Paris would choose to close the debate, since there’s no one like her to make the opposing team cry.

I feel bad for Brad. He changed schools and is a nervous wreck because of Paris. Poor pale, shaking kid.

(I don’t know what the other kids next to Paris and Rory are doing there, if its only the two of them debating.)

During the debate, having seen Christopher came in with Sherry, both Sookie and Lor try to get a peek. They are the least subtle humans in the history of espionage.

Sherry and Chris go to the Gilmore houses
I have to say, I appreciate Sherry’s enthusiasm in meeting Rory and getting Rory to like her. She obviously cares about Chris and knows Rory is important to him. Her talk with Lor was kind of odd, but I get where she was coming from. Acknowledging the awkwardness of the ex-meeting-the-current is better than not doing so, and telling Lor that they don’t have to be friends was well-intended.

Lorelai then brings it up with Chris but, to be honest, Chris is right. Lor and Sherry don’t have to force it, or be in each other’s lives all that much, if they don’t want to. They can just be civil the few times they see each other, and that’s it. Although it is definitely not the same as when Lorelai didn’t introduce Max to Chris, if only because Lorelai lives with Rory, so Lorelai is obviously in Rory’s life, as opposed to Chris (and his partner, whoever it is.)

In any case, off they go: Sherry and Rory on a night out, Chris and Lor on a friday night dinner. Oops.

Emily and Richard are the absolute worst (as in, they’re really good) when it comes to interrogating guests. Asking Chris about what Sherry does for a living, what car Chris drives, if he is getting married…

I will always love you, Edward Herrmann. I already miss you dearly. *cries forever*

Of course Emily is making a big deal out of this. She is still thinking about Lorelai and Christopher together after all these years, and I don’t get it. I honestly don’t. It’s been 17 years now.

Lane needs the new Belle & Sebastian CD
Her stalking Rory and calling her at a payphone is so so creepy, but it being about having the new B&S CD makes it awesome and baddass. I love Lane.

And the plan to get that CD to Lane, OHMYGOD. Too good. I cannot imagine Rory calling up Kirk and Michel and telling them about that plan. Hilarious. Poor Michel had to run around the gazebo for an hour, and I am pretty sure Lorelai didn’t tell Michel that the plan had been moved an hour on purpose. I love this town so much.

Finally, Chris is a jerk
Lorelai shares her feelings of “I had you in the back of my mind and now I am finally moving on which is awesome” and Chir makes it all about him and how the guilt is too much. Such a crybaby. Your ex, your first girlfriend, a friend, the mother of your child, is sharing her feelings and her relief and thanking you and you are making this all about you again?! He is an entitled jerk and urgh I had forgotten about how mean and idiotic he was on this episode. Now I am upset. Bye.


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