Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.15

This episode has wonderful and hilarious dialogue. I love it a lot.

The summary: Lorelai needs her rain gutters fixed, and Luke suggests Jess for the job. After a little arm-twisting, Lorelai agrees. Meanwhile, Rory notices her Dean bracelet is missing and tries to find it. The bracelet appears and some drama happens. Jess and Luke look for a new place to live.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

Ok. Jess is a jerk to Luke. Not any more than your average angsty teen, but he is a jerk. Blasting music (didn’t they have walk-mans back then? Jeez, Jess.), taking hours in the bathroom, etc. He is a jerk, absolutely.

The dialogue they have while looking for a house always makes me smile.

Jess: Forget it. It’s pink.
Luke: We can paint it.
Jess: You mean, I can paint it.
Luke: We can paint it together.
Jess: Great, then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.

Okay, Lorelai got an alarm clock that wakes you up to the barnyard animal of your choice, HOW FUN IS THAT?

I like how much Rory is invested in Lorelai getting along with Jess… because I was equally invested. They are both wonderful humans and also Jess could’ve used a mother-ish figure like Lorelai if Lor had only bothered to try.

Rory is such an awkward lil buddy when it comes to Jess, and Jess knows this, and it’s adorable.

Jess: Why (should I be nice to Lorelai)?
Rory: Why? Because she is my mom and she’s a friend of Luke’s.
Jess: So? Just because she’s your mom or Luke’s friend doesn’t mean I have to automatically get along with her.
Rory: Jess! My mother is a great person and she’s also my best friend in the world. So if you care about me at all, you will take that into consideration and you will be mildly polite to her.
Jess: What makes you think I care about you?
Rory: I don’t mean care care like *care*. I mean if you like me at all, not *like* like. I just meant that if you think of me remotely as the sort of person you could occassionally stand to talk to, then you will try to get along with my mom, that’s all.
Jess: Okay.

that little smile at the end, though. ohh man.

Now, work with me on an exercise of the mind. What if Jess had hung out with Rory at the book fair? The two of them would’ve walked around and talked about all the different books and wandered about for hours before either of them got bored. That’s all. That’s my point. Dean is a handbag. He carries her books with no interest in what those books are. Like a handbag. And as far as handbags go, he is not even that nice-looking.

I absolutely adore the little bonding moment Lorelai and Jess have while eating chinese food. They are both smart, funny, sarcastic, and they both have good, genuine care for Rory. There is zero reason for them to not get along. Okay there are reasons but they shouldn’t have been as important as they made them. I think Lorelai x Jess is one of the relationships I mourn the most. They could’ve been super close and super awesome.

Let’s talk a little about the fact that Rory flips out about her bracelet being gone, and the main reason she flips out is because Dean is going to be mad? If a boyfriend can’t understand that the bracelet he made you fell off and you didn’t notice, your biggest problem isn’t the bracelet, sister. You have a pain-in-the-butt boyfriend.

Rory: It’s just things have been a little weird between us lately… and you couldn’t care less.
Jess: Oh yes, I could.

Oh, Milo Ventimiglia, light of my life.

Luke calls Lorelai up to talk about the apartment he will move to..! It is too beautiful, how Luke feels comfortable calling her and ranting about life with her. And Lor pretending to be the wife when meeting up with the apartment lady is just gold.

Of course Taylor would own the building that Luke wants to move into. But like, hold up. How many things does Taylor Doose own? The market, 10 buildings, later on he purchases the space next door for his Soda Shoppe. How much money does he have? I find it interesting that he owns all that, has all that money, and still cares so much about the people and the town. Even if he is super annoying and wants to control everything and everybody’s lives, I think he does it all from a place of good intentions towards a town that is his home.

Later, Lorelai blames Jess for Rory’s bracelet disappearing. Now, while she was right that he had it (and he could’ve given it back sooner than 2 weeks), why does she automatically assume he *took* it? Also, if Rory never takes the bracelet off, how would he even do that, sedating her and then taking it? Coming into her room while she slept? It all seems a little too elaborate, even for Lorelai and obviously for Jess. How did it take two weeks for Rory to figure out it was gone? Did she not look at her wrist for two weeks? It is all very confusing. I think Lorelai is often very selfish when it comes to Jess. She forgets her good intentions towards Luke in an attempt to shield Rory from, umm, people. People Lorelai doesn’t even know much. And in that way, she also forgets Rory is a smart kid.

In the end, Luke loses it, and as usual, it is fabulous.

Luke: That’s your room. Finish up. We can hold hands and skip afterwards.


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