Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.17

A summary first: Luke’s uncle dies and Luke tries to organize a funeral for him, like his dad wanted. A produce stands up across the street from Doose’s Market. See? Dead Uncles and Vegetables. Also Emily tries to help Sookie plan her wedding and takes everything, as per usual, to ridiculous lengths.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

This episode isn’t super fun, but it is heart-warming. This review will be all over the place, though.

I like Rory pushing Jess (sometimes literally, like the beginning of this episode) to be better. I know that can kind of follow the “women can change a broken man” cliche, but because Jess is young and can (and does) change, I will allow. I am biased, I know. Whatevs.

Lorelai’s “diner talk”.

Taylor is going bananas about the troubadour-turned-vegetable guy, but, who cares.

Taylor: Late again, are we?
Lorelai: Yes, I hope I’m not pregnant.
Taylor: You really have to work on your punctuality. I banged in the meeting half an hour ago.
Lorelai: Dirty.

Taylor: I am going to give Miss Patty my gavel.
Lorelai: Again. Dirty.

This show is so silly sometimes. It is truly wonderful.

Luke plans a funeral
I need some input from people who have lived in small towns. Do fellow townspeople help out in the way that Lor and Rory help Luke with the diner? Is that a thing? Or is that just the Gilmore girls being adorable? Same with Lorelai just setting aside 9 rooms for Luke’s family and the funeral.

Michel: Nine rooms for Luke from Luke’s Diner. 
Lorelai: That’s right.
Michel: French fry convention? 
Lorelai: No, just personal.
Michel: Milkshake symposium?
Lorelai: No, Michel. It’s something personal, and I am vouching for him.
Michel: Soda pop seminar? Pickle party?

I am not sure if this is a middle-upper class dude mocking “lowly” flannel-shirted Luke (although, I mean, he is a business owner), or a Frenchman mocking American food diners. Or possibly both.

I don’t know what to think or say when it comes to funerals. Dead people sometimes happen to have been assholes when they were alive, and I understand sometimes people not wanting to go to their funerals. Sometimes you didn’t even know the person almost at all. Thing is, though, funerals aren’t really for the dead. They’re for the people left behind. Sometimes – like this episode – they’re more of a testament to how much people care about the ones who live than the ones who died. Grief is an interesting thing.

Emily plans a wedding
Midgets dressed like angels dancing under papier-mache mushrooms on top of big ceramic stands? I love the writers’ imagination, but what the hell is that? And at what part of the wedding would they come in? I have so many questions. I love how amused Michel is. He isn’t trying to talk Sookie out of it, like any sensible person would, but instead just watching from the sidelines, taking pictures. I sometimes am Michel.

Sookie’s face when she is “getting out of Emily-land” is priceless. It’s so good. Melissa McCarthy is so SO good.

Emily: The wedding I was planning was for Sookie. The mushrooms and the colors, they all seemed like fun. A little crazy, just like she is. It definitely was not for you.

Emily: Yours was going to be a Russian winter theme — the Romanovs.
Lorelai: Before the firing squad, I assume?

That line makes me laugh for like 5 minutes, every time.

And then Emily once again hints at the obvious: “Burgers and fries for the dinner, the bride walks down the aisle with a ketchup dispenser in her hand…” I kind of wanted Emily to continue with that idea.


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