Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.20

This episode is very frustrating to me, but hang in there.

Basically, everyone keeps blaming Jess for the car crash and Rory gets angry about that. Meanwhile, Lorelai helps her dad set up his new office and business while he finds a new secretary. Lane finds her true calling (with Carole King!)

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

The Gilmore Group


Richard is so cute at the supply store. He likes hanging out with Lorelai, and he is excited about his new business. Also, supply stores are the best thing. If I could, I would spend all the money in them. Although, I would have no use for half the things I bought, so, better not.

I am impressed by Lorelai. She arranged all those binders, knows what is in which, set down appointments for Richard and filtered the 50+ CVs for new secretaries down to a small bunch? She is effective.

Emily: Well, you are crude and unprofessional.
Lorelai: Well, I would like that on my tombstone.

Did Lor really think he would find his secretary the same day? Psssht. Their communication is so terrible. First, she is super harsh in telling him she cannot come back the next day. Then he is melodramatic and passive-aggressive about her leaving right then and there.

At the end they make up, when Richard hires Karen, scores a deal and bags the Swede. Heh. They are both so precious to me.

Lane finds herself
I don’t have a lot to say for now. I just love that Sophie, the music shop owner, is going to let Lane practice drums there. And that Sophie is Carole King. That’s all.
Well, not all. Lane looks badass behind the drumset. Just sayin’.

The Jess thing
I have no problem blaming Lorelai for Luke’s fishing trip. She was a world-class assclown to him. Jess decided to give up on himself and Luke went to the bus station to drop his nephew there. I am sadness.

Dean comes back from his grandma’s house. Rory gives him a letter explaining the arm thing. His face is a face that, while ridiculous, is also scary. He has huge anger issues. Rory’s face is scared of his reaction. That’s not a good feeling to have towards your boyfriend, girl. RUN. And like, Rory is surprised that he didn’t start yelling or tell her to get out. That’s not a “here, Dean, here’s a cookie for being awesome”. It’s a “what did you think he was going to do, and how is that okay?” He is not terrific and wonderful and special for not yelling at your daughter, Lorelai. He is being reasonable for the first time in his life.

I see a common thing in everyone’s reaction to Rory’s accident. NOBODY LISTENS TO HER. They act like they care, they sound like they care, but all they want to hear is “Rory: saint, Jess: devil” (as if that’s how accidents worked) and they don’t care what she actually needs or has to say. I think Rory gets angry not only because they’re blaming Jess instead of her, but because they aren’t listening to her, because they rarely do.
Taylor doesn’t listen to her, Babette doesn’t listen to her, but most hurtfully, Lorelai doesn’t listen to her. Not wanting to hear about it at the hospital? I understand. But listening to what her daughter, the person who was actually there, says, is important. Maybe it’s not important to Lorelai (who has no problem listening to nobody but herself, ever) but it is important to Rory.

Also, is there really nothing going on in anybody’s life that they all so worried about Rory’s small arm fracture? For real. Babette seriously just compared Jess and Rory’s accidental car crash with Babette joining a cult because a cute tan guy gave her a pamphlet.

The scene outside of Richard’s business launch party shows so perfectly well how much of an assclown 5year old Lorelai is when it comes to Jess. “I choose to hate him because I do. I dislike him so he is to blame for everything ever.” And, again. Making a scene. Outside of Richard’s party. The fuck is wrong with everyone in this family. Rory didn’t make an idiot out of herself, though. She is 17, she gets to be an idiot. Lorelai, though? It is like time froze when she got pregnant and she remained a petty, irrational 16 year old sometimes.

The episode ends with Rory having a coffee at Luke’s, telling him it wasn’t Jess’ fault. Luke says “I know it wasn’t.” And once again, I sob.

Next up, Rory is the ass-clown who skips her mother’s graduation.


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