Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.21

Lorelai’s Graduation Day!!

As the title says, Lor is graduating from business school. Rory figures, what better date to skip town and go to New York City than the day your mom is graduating and you need to be back for that… What did she go to New York City for, you ask? Because plot, of course.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

Ok ok ok ok. I have watched this episode a zillion times (over 10, easily) and just now I am noticing a reference to one of my favorite short stories ever. WHATTTTT. I mean, all of their references are worthy of a “whattttttt”, but this one makes me almost cry. After referencing “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” by Mark Twain, Rory says, “oh yeah, right after they stoned the woman for winning the lottery.” Shirley Jackson would probably not be pleased with that spoiler (to her now 68-year old story, ahem.)

Rory meets up with Jess
The phone rings on Rory and it’s… Jess. Are we supposed to believe this has been his first and only call? And that everyone is okay with that cryptic call being the only call? And that from that short cryptic call she gets the idea to skip school the next day? We see Rory listening to Paris go on and on about how rude she is to the school staff. After that, we see Rory getting out of a bus in NYC. So she skipped class to see Jess. Now, I refuse to believe she just randomly found Jess on Washington Square Park (like he spends there all his time every day or something, and she just knows) so they have to have agreed to meet there. So it was kind of planned (at least an hour before?). She could have planned this any other day! Anyway. Did she really just ask if they allow hot dogs in the subway?

I read this tumblr post the other day about some parallels between this episode and The Catcher in the Rye. Beyond the obvious Holden Caulfield – Jess Mariano similarities, it is the fact that Holden chooses to skip class to spend some time in NYC, and wants to find a record to give to his sister (like Rory does for her mother), but ends up breaking it and telling his sister he cannot go to a recital she has (like Rory forgets the CD on the bus, and ends up missing Lor’s graduation.) It is interesting. She likes, Jess, we get it, but must she do that on her mom’s graduation day, risking her getting back on time? It makes me mad because Rory is so good at planning, she could have planned this for the day after, or the week after. I know the show must make a point out of her missing her mom’s graduation to see Jess. That’s how much she likes him. We get it. But, it does not make sense for her to do that on that specific day. I must let it rest.

It is Lor’s graduation!
Rory invites her grandparents, because Lorelai thinks they would feel hurt and not want to go, so Rory goes behind Lor’s back. I feel like Rory is the person holding that family together sometimes. I am foreign to that feeling, but it must be stressful and unhappy at least some of the time. Chris sends Lorelai a graduation gift. Which will become (kind of? not really? Chris will become relevant, anyway) relevant in the following episodes. Emily shows up with a cameraman, of course. Lorelai’s community college buddies look at her weird cause she has money, of course. Sookie and Jackson are dorky and adorable, as always.

My favorite thing? This scene.

lorgraduate01  lorgraduate02

Then Rory is also watery-eyed because she didn’t think that day through and she missed her mom’s graduation.


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