Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 2.22

We have reached the end of season 2?!! Woohoo. I like this episode a lot. Especially one scene. If you’ve watched it, you know which scene.

The summary for this one is easy: It is Sookie’s wedding. Some people return to Stars Hollow. Oh! Paris is running for student council, and she needs a vice-president. 

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

Ohh! OHHHH! One of the Gilmore girls catchphrases happens in this episode. Oy with the poodles already! A classic.

Paris wants to be prez
Paris is way too intense for a high school student council. I like her. And of course she would pair up with Rory, have her be vice-president. Ladies being badass queens together is one of the many things I love about this show.

She kinda does.

Paris has a concession speech!! My sweet darling. You had to know you would win, because you are precious.

How did she get Dean’s number? That is super creepy and I want answers.

Sookie is getting married!
Jackson must wear a kilt for his wedding! I am in love. I kind of love men in kilts? Maybe it’s ’cause I’ve only seen hot men in kilts, but I do!
Sookie’s wedding dress is gorgeous. I don’t see beautiful wedding dresses often in movies or TV shows, don’t know why. But Sookie is so cute when she is freaking out about her wedding. Sookie is always uber cute, to be fair. I love her.

Rory: Fourth ring of hell, party of one.
Lorelai: Well, at least my feet wont get cold.

I use this line all the time! Yayyy!

Christopher comes to ruin everything, again.
Chris is such a mistery for me. Or, rather, he infuriates me. He just waltzes in and out of everyone’s life. Literally everyone. He is so good-looking, but damn is he annoying. He still has a girlfriend (being in “iffy” terms is still being in some terms, y’know?) and he goes off and has sex with his ex, makes grand promises of love to both her and HIS DAUGHTER, and then flies away again. Annoying.
And like, okay. Lorelai has sex with the guy and all of a sudden “the moment is right”? Is he seriously that good in bed? Chris is an unreliable, flighty, irresponsible dude who makes grand statements and gestures like asking Lor to marry her in their kitchen after lying about his finances. But those gestures are shit. They always are.

Is he zoophilic? Is that what is being said here? Brief break to appreciate this fact, ok? Ok.

Oh Lor. You know better than to get your hopes up, and more annoyingly your parents’ hopes up, about Christopher. This might come to bite you later. (Spoiler: it does.) And telling Rory, the morning after you had sex with him and decided that “you were going to try”? I ask again, was the sex seriously that good?

And like, seriously Chris, get it together. If you didn’t stay with Lorelai when she was pregnant at 16 because a baby isn’t enough of a reason to marry someone, what makes you think it is now? Grow a pair.

And then, BAM! Jess is back.
When I first watched the series, I think I started in season 3? And so I knew Jess was going to come back when I went back to seasons 1 and 2. But, man! That re-entrance would have made my teenage heart stop.
Jess wanted to come back. From his “beloved” NYC. He wanted to come back. Do not even tell me it was just because of Rory. I think it wasn’t. I think it was also Luke. I think it was also not wanting to be with his mother, in that volatile environment. I think he would never admit it but he liked bits and pieces of Stars Hollow, he liked the possibility of growth.

And here comes THE SCENE. I have watched this episode easily ten times, okay? I can never not rewind that scene again, and again. Here, you can replay it too. Don’t want to click on that? Fair enough.

There it is. In GIF form so that it is preserved in an eternal loop of goodness.

I know he is a huge jerk to her a number of times in season 3, and I know it’s not even that good of a kiss (I think it is all Alexis’ fault: she pecks instead of kissing). But I just… my weak heart goes bananas with that kiss. Still does, to this day. No shame. (Or maybe a little shame..)

Heh. Rory decides to go to Washington for the summer to run away from her boy troubles. I am so Rory, and Rory is so me. Buh-bye, season 2!


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