Today I recap: Gilmore girls, season 2

I love recap-ing.

I kind of love this season a lot, so it’s hard picking my LEAST FAVORITES, but I guess I can try. My #1 least favorite is probably Presenting Lorelai Gilmore (2.06), because debutante balls are gross and Dean is gross and Chris is an idiot. #2 could be Teach Me Tonight (2.19) not because it’s a bad one, but because it stresses me out and fills me with sadness. Then at #3,  It Should’ve Been Lorelai (2.14), I guess, because I have zero interest in anything Chris-related. For #4, Sadie, Sadie (2.01) and for #5, Dead Uncles and Vegetables (2.17), just ’cause I have to pick them. 

My top 5 ABSOLUTE FAVORITES: At #5 I will take Road Trip to Harvard (2.04). It is super fun and mostly only about the girls. And I mean, The Chesire Cat? Adorably annoying as fuck. At #4, A-Tisket A-Tasket (2.13) – I can’t help it, Jess screwing with Dean is my favorite thing. At #3 I think I will take Run Away Little Boy (2.09), because Paris is a treasure, and debates are fun. #2 goes to There’s The Rub (2.16), because it lets us see interactions (Emily and Lorelai alone, having something like fun, and Jess, Paris and Rory together) that we don’t often get. And my absolute perfect most favorite episode iiiiiiiiiiis the Bracebridge Dinner (2.10), because of reasons. All the reasons.


As for episodes you can skip (plot-wise), I recommend skipping zero episodes, but if you must:
In chronological order – Sadie, Sadie (2.01), Presenting Lorelai Gilmore (2.06), Like Mother, Like Daughter (2.07), Dead Uncles & Vegetables (2.17), Help Wanted (2.20)

Episodes you can’t miss, plot-wise (and again, ordered chronologically), are: Red Light on a Wedding Night (2.03), Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy (2.05), A-Tisket A-Tasket (2.13), Teach Me Tonight (2.19)/ Back In the Saddle Again (2.18) (depending on whether you care more about the Jess plot or the Gilmore grandparents plot), I Can’t Get Started (2.22).

I tried to keep this not too Jess-heavy but I can only do so much against the teenager inside me.

See you for Season 3, my favorite of all the seasons.


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