Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.01

Welcome to Season 3. My favorite season!

Rory comes back from her summer in DC to find Jess moving on, which should surprise, um, nobody. Paris has a date. Lorelai is pushed to tell her parents that Chris is not in the picture and why that is. Luke and Lor make up (post Jess-related fight), and Sookie wants to ‘butch up’ her house. 

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

I think this is my favorite season opening scene for a season in Gilmore girls – which is fitting, favorite opening for my favorite season. Kinda shitty quality, but here it is.
I love it because for most people, their first reaction is something like, “did I miss something? Did I skip a few episodes? Why is Luke in Lorelai’s kitchen? Why did they just kiss? WHY IS HE TALKING TO HER BELLY?!” And that is beautiful.

Paris has a date
Jamie! Jamie is here. I love Jamie so much. We don’t see enough of him in the future and that’s not okay. He is so gorgeous. But he is there now. With his rude-ass gorgeous face. (I cannot find a decent still from him on Gilmore girls but feel free to google Brandon Barash at your leisure)

Paris: Oh, man, I can’t believe this! I finally get asked out on a date and I missed it! Was it a good ask-out?
Rory: It was a very good ask-out.
Paris: I wish I’d been there.

Paris is super nervous to go out on a date. My sweet baby. She is so cute about it, too! She does need to calm down if she wants to, um, not die of an ulcer at age 40. She is in high school and she is saying that most girls get rose petals and candlelit dinners? What?! Who does she get that from? Jamie making a dinner reservation is kind of unrealistic. Although I guess if he is a Princeton man, he is rich and can afford a fancy Zagat-recommended dinner even though he is like 19? Who knows.

Kirk: One day it occurred to me – cows never wrinkle. Think about it, have you ever seen a wrinkled cow? No, not once. So I thought to myself, “THAT is weird”

Michel: Yes… That, and other things.

Sookie wants her place to be more manly
She is so adorable, trying to change up her place so that it is more welcoming to Jackson. How can you decorate things in a manly way, though? What is manly decoration? The ‘Leon Troutsky’ is kind of gross. The bear she ends up buying is terrifying. All the ‘cabin style’ stuff she buys is beyond ridiculous.

I am glad they go back to the way her house was. I like her house.

The lazy hazy days of summer, and Jess
While I understand 17-year-old Rory getting upset about Jess making out with a girl, I don’t understand fans or anyone else getting upset. He is 17/18, it was a whole two months during a summer, and like Jess points out to Rory, she just kissed him, told him not to tell anyone, and left for the summer.
I also don’t appreciate Lorelai’s comment about ‘dodging a bullet’, and about being sure Jess would move on to someone else in an hour. There’s a lot of slut-shaming happening when it comes to Shane (and Jess does treat her like shit too), but here it is also about Jess. So they’re making out against a tree. Rory and Dean do that too, except they don’t know how to kiss so they look icky instead of hot. In any case, Lorelai keeps on her tradition of jumping to conclusions about Jess based on zero evidence.
Lorelai jumps to shaming Rory for kissing Jess, and yes, kissing is cheating, but let’s be honest here, Lorelai is pissed because it is Jess, not because it is cheating. While it is true that Rory has been dragging Dean along (not answering any of his letters during the summer, for example, and being super unresponsive in general) and that she should probably make up her mind – or open up her relationship (a poly girl can dream) – screaming at Rory in the middle of the street is probably not helpful.

Dean: I am glad to find you not blonde.
Rory: Yeah, I was having way too much fun.

Have I said enough how much I love this show?

Lorelai must ‘fess up about Chris
Ah, Lor. Putting off telling stuff to your parents until the last minute. You and I both.
I understand that Emily and Richard and Lorelai have a lot of baggage and a lot of crushed expectations when it comes to Christopher, but I don’t understand why they continue to treat her like a child, trying to control her decisions, manipulate her, shame her about what she decides to do or not do. Even if the reason for Chris and Lor breaking up was “it didn’t work out”, or “I don’t want to”, the parents should respect that. They should trust her daughter enough for that, but they don’t. They are both infuriatingly patronizing and awful when it comes to Chris, to be honest.

But hey, at least Lorelai made up with Luke in the aftermath of that terrible “conversation” with her parents. I am glad Luke stayed mad at her for some time – she deserved it, after how much of a douchenozzle she was to him – but I am glad they’re good again. Which makes me think, with Rory gone for the entire summer, and without being able to go into Luke’s, what did Lorelai even do all summer? No wonder she was deadly bored.

Ah, what a season. I am super excited to get started.


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