Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.02

This one is kinda all over the place: Rory is jealous of Shane (Jess’ girlfriend). There is a mouse at the inn. Kirk asks Lorelai out on a date. Emily insists on bringing Chris and Lorelai together, which makes things worse (anyone surprised? nah?) Paris begins her reign as student president, and Francie (remember, the leader of the Puffs?) has some thoughts about that.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing retrospectively. SPOILER ALERT.

Oh, Emily.

I just realized I learned the first thing about mice – to use traps instead of poison – from Emily Gilmore. It never ceases to amaze me how much I subconsciously took in from this show.

Luke: You know what helps get rid of a cold?
Lorelai: Endless vague questioning first thing in the morning?
Luke: A healthy immune system.
Lorelai: My second guess..!
Luke: You know how you get a healthy immune system?
Lorelai: … remember when you hated me? That was fun, wasn’t it?

One can never have too much Luke/Lorelai banter.

Quick thing on Lorelai and Rory making enormous assumptions about Jess’ and Shane’s relationship (I will talk more about how disgusting the writers are when it comes to Shane and other women in a later review): Jess can say much smarter things even while drunk than Dean could after studying 4 months. I get Rory is just jealous ’cause Jess looks hot making out with his girlfriend. It’s okay, sweetie. You’ll get some love too. Soon.

Kirk asks Lorelai out on a date
I feel sad for Kirk. He is super awkward and his mother is everywhere and clearly overwhelming for him and he clearly has issues socializing. I dislike how Lorelai and Rory mock his anxieties and the things they consider odd about him. Not wanting to go out with him is totally fine but their mockery is uncool. I am glad they don’t mock him directly but, still.
I have read people say maybe Kirk is autistic. I will pay closer attention to him this time around, but I am not convinced he is. He is socially awkward and has anxieties, for sure, and his overbearing mother doesn’t help, but I do not know beyond that.

I do like Luke teasing Lorelai about it, though. It is not about Kirk’s “quirks” (try saying Kirk’s quirks 10 times fast?), it is about Lorelai’s discomfort.

Emily: Why are you throwing cutlery in a public place?
Lorelai: …’cause I feel stupid doing it at home?

Kirk asks Lorelai if she is allergic to tuna, which is a very random question. Was he going to cook for her? Was he planning the menu a week or more in advance? He is cute, okay? Okay.

Paris and Rory rule! (y’know, ’cause they’re prez and vice-prez? and ’cause they’re awesome!)
Okay, what is up with Rory’s hairstyle? The braids? Anyway, moving on.
Paris’ speech is once again super intense. I love her so much, speaking about dismantling your school stone by stone as a commencement speech in high school. She is so in her own head with her planning and whatnot that she didn’t think of socializing or even learning people’s names. She takes herself waaaaay too seriously sometimes and it freaks me out a little.
But, okay, let’s talk about the hemline issue Francie brought up. It may sound superficial compared to Paris’ grand plans to fire poor old lady workers, but it is super realistic as a concern for high schoolers. Not to mention the fact that hemline regulations apply only to women, and are the sort of thing used to slut-shame female students. Flipping off sexist, archaic dress standards trumps firing elderly workers, Paris! COME ON. And I mean, we hear a lot of proposals by other students, and how Paris accepts or rejects said proposals, but what else is she doing that she cannot deal with a simple, realistic student proposal like skirt length?

Francie is so silly, but also scary in the high-school mean girl sort of way.

Emily butts in in Lorelai’s life, as always
I appreciate Lor’s survival guide:
1) No running with scissors.
2) No pageboy haircuts.
3) Never, ever have lunch alone with the mother.

Oh, Emily. It took her a full 2 minutes to bring up Christopher and her meddling while having lunch with Lorelai. She could have at least made small talk for longer, try to hide it a bit.
Why does Emily keep saying that Chris and Lorelai belong together? THEY DO NOT. Chris is a cheating, flaky, immature wankbaby. Maybe at some point they did fit, or at some point in the future they might have, but not then.

I read this tumblr post a few weeks ago about Lorelai treating Dean like Emily and Richard treat Christopher, with the same willingness to forgive and forget major incompatibilities and faults and defending them over their own respective daughters. I definitely agree.
Emily says Sherry is trying to trap Chris and that pregnancy doesn’t mean he has to stay with her, which is exactly the opposite of what she had said when Lorelai was pregnant at sixteen, when Straub and Francine (the Haydens) said that it was Lorelai’s fault and that she had manipulated Christopher. There are a lot of fucked up parallels happening here.

Then Chris shows up to ruin everything for the nth (but not last!) time 
Is Chris really mad that Lor wont return his calls? WHAT DID HE EXPECT? Also, way to go respecting Lorelai and Rory’s space. Intended or not, he broke their hearts. The ideal would be Lorelai and/or Rory telling him explicitly “we need some space, please don’t call us” but it’s a TV show so of course communication sucks.
What gets me even more upset is that he is actually surprised that Rory thinks for herself? Has he met his daughter? Oh wait, no, not really, because he’s never been there. Rory has always called back, always hoped for the best, always trusted Chris had good intentions. Rory says, “He never means to, but he does.” And that’s the thing. He does not think things through at all. He never does.
It seems obvious enough, but what Lorelai points out is bang on: Is Sherry still pregnant? Is he still with her? Is he marrying her? Then, for real, what did he expect? Welcome to your daughter growing up and being through with your mediocre (at best) parenting, Christopher.

Jess calls Rory out on her bullshit
Okay, let’s recap quickly, shall we? Rory kisses Jess, tells him to stay quiet about it, goes off to Washington without saying anything to him, is gone for a few months, does not even so much as call Jess, comes back and is still with Dean, and then she feels entitled to get all upset about Jess moving on? Get the fuck out. She was expecting for everyone to wait until she made a “choice” (because they’re hers to “pick from”? ew), and then Jess didn’t sit around moping. And she is upset she is not the center of everyone’s universe.
But like, were they really talking super loudly about what happened about Sookie’s wedding and being or not being together with Dean at Doose’s market, where Dean works? Isn’t SH supposed to be a super gossip-y little town? Or is it just because it is their angel face Rory that screwed up that no one says anything? I wonder.

She leaves in a huff, saying “oh yeah, I am done”. Oh, you are SO not done, girl.


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