Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.04

I swear, I love this season so much. And I like this review a lot.

Lorelai agrees to go speak at Stars Hollow High School about being a businessperson, but it goes hilariously wrong. Lane decides to step up against her conservative mother, and makes a bold fashion choice. 

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Gilmore girls opening scenes are so good. Damn. Lorelai’s ‘dark premonitions’ are too silly. A recap:
– In one, she slips on a banana peel and lands on a vat of whipped cream, and dies.
– In another one, a turtle eats her by slowly chewing on her, after injecting her with immobilizing poison of course.
– In another, she is out hunting, her shotgun backfires and her head spins around a bunch and ends up on the back of her head, like Daffy Duck.
They’re even sillier than my dreams in which I date Jimmy Fallon, set Chris Pratt on fire, and learn how to be a lesbian (which consists of knowing how to rock a tuxedo, and breakdancing, FYI) from characters of Orange is the New Black.

Lane has a band! Huzzah!
Adam Brody is really cute. And I really love their band, I am glad they’re in the picture now. They’re all adorable, rockstar babies.

x x

Mama Kim has Lane applying to a bunch of horrible-sounding colleges, though. And, applying to 21 schools in one afternoon?! That’s intense. I would be angry too.

I love that Lane’s anger leads her to a Beauty Supply store. And into the color purple!

“The smell of bleach is the smell of freedom!” Oh, Lane. You beautiful baby pumpkin (I am becoming Leslie Knope with my compliments.)

Lane’s hair looks so cool! “This is the most radical thing a Kim has done since my cousin Nam got caught reading Maxim at summer camp.”

Which I mean, of course she changes back, but still. This image lives on. And so do her feelings for Dave.

Lorelai is invited to speak at SH High
And she annoys Luke into speaking with her. Of course she would.

"I’m incorrigible!"

Lorelai is so awesome with Luke. She pushes him to be a bit more social and he constantly helps keep her grounded and feel supported. I love them, in any type of relationship.

Lorelai: You need something better than this (to wear).
Luke: The whole point of this stupid class talk is for us to talk about our work and our success. This flannel shirt is my most successful outfit. I’ve closed many a deal in this outfit. It’s my power outfit.

I had not noticed this, but when Lor comes upstairs to get Luke to change, Jess tries to follow along in Lor and Luke’s jokes. He is getting into a conversation when he didn’t have to. And still Lorelai treats him like the idea of even talking to him is gross or something. [Yes I am overly sensitive about Jess, but I am also right.]

Anyway, she speaks, and everyone wants her to talk about her pregnancy. I think she handled it well. Both the questions and the clone ladies smack down. Shying away from topics doesn’t make them go away. Preparing kids for different options and scenarios does. Go Lor! Go comprehensive sex ed! Wooot.

Rory is such an immature, jealous baby when it comes to Jess
She was a jerk to Shane at the beauty shop. Yes, Shane was talking on the phone, but I mean, how many times do other people in that town get distracted from their jobs to do chit chat and no one feels the need to be a rude jerk to one another. Then Shane is just doing the register thingie and Rory keeps barking at her. She claims to be more educated and composed and mature but, umm, I don’t see it.

I find it interesting that first Jess was a jerk to Shane on the phone by pointing out that ‘bloaty’ isn’t a word (and, um, Shane is right, that that’s how words get created: someone uses it, then a lot of people) like that matters, and then Rory is a jerk to her about it too. Excuse her for not going to your fancy school to learn big words. Jess and Rory are compatible: they’re even compatible when they’re being jackasses.

This brings me to the following post within a post:


All the women who aren’t Rory are treated like trash in this show..?
Spoilers ahead. I am speaking about future pairings and situations.

I mean, the women who date the guys that Rory dates – they’re treated pretty badly by the writers. Shane is made out to be this unrealistically flat character. She is slut-shamed, mocked, stared at, etc by the Gilmore girls – both Rory (who one might say is just being a jealous teen, fine) AND Lorelai, who is apparently not content with shitting on Jess, but has to shit on a girl Lor knows nothing about, except that she is a better kisser than Rory (no, I will not get over that.) She is also treated like crap by Jess – and I never, not once, saw Shane treat Jess like he treated her. And the show tries to conflate Jess not caring about Shane with him treating her like shit.
Being emotionally involved isn’t a requirement to ‘hang out’ or hook up with people. But you don’t have to be emotionally involved to treat someone with basic respect. A lot to expect from an 18yo? Maybe. But I mean, Luke’s speech kind of falls short, because it isn’t about feelings, it is about basic human decency. If he wants to just hook up with Shane in closets, never learn her last name and leave it at that, that’s okay, but to talk to her like she could fall off a cliff and no one would care isn’t about feelings. It is once again this all-or-nothing mentality a lot of shows and movies work with: either you are a dumb, easy disposable or you are wife material and never do anything wrong.

The writers did the same with (SPOILER) Lindsay later on: she is an unrealistically flat character, a trophy wife who tries her best, but we know nothing about, and who Rory feels free to step on and criticize. And also with the girls Logan sleeps with before and after Rory – they’re made to be interchangeable and worthless to Logan, and he very likely treats them like crap as well.

It disappoints me now that I think about it, because it seems to me like super weak writing..? Do the writers need to make every “competing” (gross concept in itself) woman to be a dumb, superficial, submissive idiot to land the point that the guys are ‘better off’ with Rory than with any other girl? NO. Rory is awesome, and the audience already roots for her. It is a stupid thing that many writers do, though. Put down other women to make “their main woman” stand out. Like people tell us in real life, actually: that the only way to get ahead is by putting other ladies down, which is untrue, and totally uncool.

After Jess, I hope Shane finds someone equally hot and awesome to make out with, who respects her and does not feel the need to correct her grammar to feel less insecure about themselves.


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