Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.05

Not too action-filled, this one. A new neighbor asks a few favors of Lorelai and Rory. Michel and Lorelai go to an auction run by Emily, and Lor meets a potential dude there, but things don’t go too well.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

The breastfeeding thing at the beginning makes me giggle because Luke is so, so awkward.

x x
x x
x x

Michel is good at the (auction) paddle movement

Lorelai: Independence Inn
Emily: You really should identify yourself when you answer the phone at work.
Lorelai: Sorry! Independence Inn, Major Disappointment speaking. Better?
Emily: Yes, thank you.

I love the banter between Emily and Lorelai.

Michel is so great too. I love him and want his babies. He (Yanic Truesdale) lives where I live, too. Relatively stalk-able.

xauction01 auction02x

EMILY’S NICKNAME AMONG HER FRIENDS IS ‘THE COBRA’. I had somehow forgotten about that. That’s glorious.

Oooo. Michel buys an 18th century bleeding bowl. Have I told you guys I love Michel? Well I do.

Jon Hamm! And the hoops Lorelai jumps through to get his number. That is thirst, my friends.

Beenie Morrison’s old place
There is a new neighbor! And he is super excited to have moved in. And super excited to share his life story with Lorelai.
But isn’t that what people do in small towns? Share and be neighborly? I wouldn’t know. But I mean, Miss Patty and Babette are also overwhelmingly nice to newcomers, no?
Poor Dwight, he just got out of what sounds like an abusive relationship. I am glad he found his Oasis, and it is full of boardgames and packed with a tiki bar.

The sprinkler wont work and Rory runs into Jess, who helps her.

Wet Jess is my favorite kind of Jess.

Hold up, though. Rory tells Jess that Dean just got the pager and he is coming over to help, so Jess turns the sprinklers back on. Why? Dean’s ego needs to be the one who saves the day? Or is it because it was Jess who helped? Would Dean seriously get mad that Rory ran into Jess and he was able to help? Or would he not trust Rory and think that something else went on? Although I mean, Jess is not a whole lot better when it’s his turn to (not) be a jerk.

I am seriously concerned at the amount of horribly controlling things that Dean does or that are implied of him. We teach women that it’s normal for their partners to be like that. For them to lie little lies like Jess turning the sprinkler back on, and then we feel bad for lying. When really, we should feel free to be honest about whatever happens, and our partners should trust us.

A date with Peyton Sanders
So Lorelai gets a date with Jon Hamm (his character is called Peyton Sanders) through Emily’s contacts, which already smells like a future backfire. But he has David Bowie tickets, so he gets the benefit of the doubt.
Aaaaand he fails the test. Dudes who talk about their car for longer than 2 minutes fail the test. And about wine. Eeeek. Although, I mean, it is the kind of pretentiousness that does not surprise me from a dude she met at an Emily-run auction.
I would have powered through another date to see David Bowie, though. Let’s be real.

But then of course Emily would butt in. Did Lor not see this coming, really? Emily has close to zero respect for personal boundaries. She wants to see Lorelai happy, but she has a very weird and un-Lorelai way of thinking about happiness. It is true, though, what Lorelai says at the end, that Lor was thoughtless and didn’t consider how her actions would affect Emily.
And then Richard butts in too!! This is a disaster. They went on one date. One! Do rich people never go on casual dates? I don’t understand.

Next up, a baby shower. And deviled eggs which make zero sense.


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