Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.06

The town loner stages a peaceful protest in town. Rory and Lorelai go to Sherry’s baby shower. Jess buys himself a car and that upsets people, because of reasons.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Jess gets a car
What is Lorelai’s problem?! Does she not know anyone can get in an accident like the one Rory was in? He tried to not kill an animal and ended up swerving too much. It is basically like when Chris’ parents blamed her for getting pregnant (in the sense that shit happens, y’know?).  “He’s got a bad track record with cars”? So anyone who has ever been in a crash, regardless of how minor or how it happened, should never drive again? Or just the guys she doesn’t like? I am so done with her when it comes to Jess.

Awww, Kirk talks gibberish about cars. I appreciate and cherish Kirk beyond words. And, why does his mom not let him have a car or a bike or his skates back? I know it’s kind of a comedy and so it may not matter but, I wonder. I like wondering. I want to know more about his life.

When did Rory get on everyone’s side about being upset by the car? Oh right, probably when Jess didn’t wait outside her doorstep all summer like her doormat boyfriend. Psssht.

And why is Luke going through Jess’ stuff? Why does nobody ever try to talk to the guy? And I mean have a conversation, more than one conversation, open up a friendly dialogue, etc.



A baby shower with green balloons
I like Sherry, okay? I like her. She is nice, and trying to be friendly with Lor, in a situation that, regardless of how much or how little (which I suspect is really little) she knows, is an awkward situation.
“There aren’t that many Christophers in the world.” Does this random lady not know who Lorelai is? That’s a harsh thing to say. Poor Lor has been sitting down for like 2 seconds. Let her at least have one mojito first.
Oh well, saved by the games.


Poor Rory, she has to be sober during the entire thing.

Did that lady just say that Sherry and Chris are the poster for Aryan breeding like that’s a compliment? Get the fuck out. The black woman next to her is like EXCUSE ME.

Awww poor Lorelai. Chris did not tell a single thing to Sherry. Chris is a dick and a manchild, honestly. And now Lor got ambushed with the whole “I owe it to you that he is changed.” UGH.
But like, does Lor not know that Sherry doesn’t know? Lorelai acts like a child. I mean, I get she is hurt but, she acts like a child. “You are spending all your weekends with me.” Right, Rory, a college student, is going to obey your orders.
She is basically freaking out in every way.

Get it together, damnit.

I just hate that she is turning against Sherry when Chris made the mess. What she says about Sherry – about her “probably forcing him to listen to that music”, and rearranging his CDs (like that’s an evil thing to do, to organize stuff so that you don’t live like you’re in a frat house), and not caring about music – it all sounds too familiar, too much like the girl hate that comes from everywhere else.

And now for the second childish nonsensical Gilmore..!
Rory decides to throw deviled eggs at Jess’ car. Why? Basically, because she wants every boy in town to pine for her while she picks one. And because it is Shane’s bra in the backseat and not hers. And sure, because she is 17 and jealous and does not know what to do with her feelings. Whatevs.

Au contraire, mon frere. (eww I just said that)

Vandalism is cute as long as you are the one doing it, basically.

The town loner wants to stage a protest
Now, of course Taylor would ban it. He is a dictator. A caring dictator, for the most part, but a dictator nonetheless.
I love the Reverend and the Rabbi’s friendship. They seem like cool, funny dudes.

Taylor: I’m not afraid of your bubbies, Rabbi.
Reverend Skinner: God, thank you for letting me be in the room when Taylor said that.

It will forever bother me not to know what the town loner was protesting. And why he never tried again. And what his banner said.


Poor town loner. I see you, friend.

Next episode is very fun, very intense with the feelings. And Kirk dances!


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