Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.07

I absolutely adore this episode. And it’s not only because Dean and Rory finally break up. It is a really fun, enjoyable ride before that even happens.

There is a 24-hour dance marathon in Stars Hollow! Lorelai pushes Rory into being her dance partner because she wants the trophy. Kirk dances, and it is an absolute delight. Dean makes a scene and breaks up with Rory because, well, Jess. Jamie visits Paris at Chilton.

kirk dances

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Lorelai needs a dance partner
I love how she just fishes for partners through the window at Luke’s. Like anyone’s gonna say yes to her – which they probably would, to be fair. She scores a dancer from Riverdance! But then the dancer’s wife sees a picture of Lor and gets jealous, so he bails. That’s so absurd to me.
Emily tries to cheer Lorelai up after the dancer bails on her by telling Lor she can make Emily’s asparagus talk if she wants to. Kelly Bishop (Emily) is so important. She can be the cutest, the meanest, the most ridiculous. She is everything.
Lorelai ends up getting Rory to agree to dance with her. Their relationship makes me super happy. My mom would totally agree to do a dance marathon as my partner too.

Paris (imitating Madeline): Why are we working Saturday, Paris? What’s so special about the 75th issue, Paris? Why does my head feel so light and yet not float away, Paris?

Jamie visits Paris
Paris: You never called.
Jamie: I know.
Paris: You… lost my number?
Jamie: I memorized your number.
Paris: You didn’t want to use my number?
Jamie: I was starting classes.
Paris: In phone dialing? How’s that going?

Heh. Oh Paris. The next day she is all giddy and not stressed out, because she had a date. Ah, to be young again.

Another perfect thing about this series is Louise and Madeline. When Paris says that the newspaper meeting is cancelled for Saturday, they both run off to ask anybody out. Literally anybody. I love them super hard. I wish we knew more about them, though. What are their interests? What’s their family life like? What do they major in when they go to university? Why are they not lesbians? Etc.

The Dance Marathon is on!
problemmorningI have a question, what do the Kims even eat? Are they vegetarian? Is that a Seventh Day Adventist thing, or a personal choice? The egg-less egg salad made me wonder.

I greatly appreciate Babette and Morey just going there to dance for a bit and then they leave whenever. That’s probably what I would do. [Just kidding. I would probably take advantage of my terrible sleeping patterns to be more awake than EVERYONE and win.]

Lorelai (after Kirk flips his partner): Let me flip you.
Rory: No way, you are not flipping me!
Lorelai. Fine. (…) You flip me.
Rory: No need. You’ve already flipped.

Okay, we all agree Jess is a jerk for showing up just to stare at Rory. But I don’t know if we agree on why he is a jerk. It’s not because he is trying to make Rory jealous (I mean, it is childish, but she is falling for it, so apparently it works), but because of how he is treating Shane. Using people isn’t nice.
I kind of feel bad for Dean right now. Rory and Jess are staring at each other the entire time. Seriously, Rory, get it together. I don’t understand why it takes Rory so long to let it go and admit she is into Jess. Why she had to drag Dean along. But, I mean, I was that age too so, I will shush now. I forget that she, too, is super inexperienced with feelings and boys and stuff. (I know I give Rory a lot more slack than I give Dean when it comes to age, ok? I am aware of my biases.)

The run around is the single most cruel thing that ever happens on Gilmore girls, I think.

x   x

Jared Padalecki cannot do ‘intimidating boyfriend’ here to save his life. “I wouldn’t direct any sort of comment to me if I were you.” What are you going to do, bore him to death? Also, what the fuck.

Rory: The sandwiches are for the dancers.
Shane: Who are you, Bobby Brady? Get a life.

I am actually with Shane. Rory’s directing of anger towards Shane is uncalled for and super immature, even for her age. Shane is the only one of those four who isn’t being a jerk to anyone. And yet everyone treats her like crap. “Girls like Shane, what is with them? Don’t they see what they look like? I know they have mirrors” Oh fuck off, Rory.

My thoughts exactly, to be honest. Fuck Dean.

Taylor has always wanted to be a magician! I think there should have been an episode where Taylor wants to go back to that and tries magic tricks with everyone.

Dave shows up just to meet up with Lane, because he misses her! I am melting and it is ridiculous. He makes up the story about his super religious parents so that Mrs Kim will like him. GOD HELP ME.

Dean breaks up with Rory!
I understand his pain. I do. Rory dragged him along and he wanted to believe that it was fixable but it wasn’t. But dumping her in the middle of the marathon, while making a huge scene and humiliating her? Not cool. But I mean, good on him for breaking up with her. First of all because they are better apart, but also because I don’t have to deal with him as much. Until later, at least.

I wonder what happens to Shane. I hope she is happy.

And because Dean let go of Rory (literally as well figuratively, I mean), Kirk wins! Which we all know he would. Where is his dance partner, though? Where did he meet them? Why isn’t the partner celebrating with him?

Oh and it is implied that Jess and Rory are going to be a thing now. Byeeeee I’m gonna get the feelings now.


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