Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.09

Another perfect episode. This is without a doubt the best season.

The Gilmore girls agree to four different Thanksgiving celebrations! At Sookie’s, at the Kims’, at Luke’s, and at the grandparents. They are all eventful and funny in their own ways. Lorelai gets into a fight with her parents, as always. Kirk gets a cat, and Lane gets a kiss! 

Rory: Tums? Lorelai: You mean, amateur pills?

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Cat Kirk does not like Human Kirk
Kirk names his cat Kirk. I love him so much. This cat does not like Human Kirk though. Ohhhh boy. I love Kirk’s adventures discovering the sex of Cat Kirk, discovering all the things that, according to Human Kirk, the cat does not like.
That is one agressive friggin cat, though. Jeez. He even kicked Human Kirk out of his own house.

Tofurkey time, and Dave!
Okay, I don’t care what anyone says, Dave is one of the worthiest dudes in the history of this show. HE LEARNED A BUNCH OF HYMNS FOR HER. Like, who does that? I love how he starts playing ‘A Man Who Sold the World’ and just casually transitions to the hymn. And he references Kurt Cobain. Which is not a big deal but, I’m just saying. He is chill.
Tofu can be delicious. I would love to have Mrs Kim’s tofurkey.

<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
Gilmore Girls 3.09<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Dave kisses Lane! Dave kisses Lane! I get super excited, because Lane is the best and she deserves the best and Dave is just adorable beyond words. They both are.

Deep-fried everything at Sookie’s
Sookie and Jackson are a fun couple to watch. Poor Sookie, though. She looks like she wants to die with that turkey.

x x

Rory: What’s the oil for?
Lorelai: For pouring on visigoths.
Sookie: Lorelai!
Lorelai: Where else am I gonna use my visigoths material?

But, did Jackson not pay attention to Sookie the entire time? Was he so immersed in his deep-fried bro world? Eek. That’s gross behavior right there.

Sookie: You’ve caught me in a good time, ladies. I’ve already gotten through the five stages of grieving: denial, anger… I don’t remember the two but they were served on the rocks with salt! Now I’m just happily “enscotched” in acceptance. Scotched?

Thanksgiving at Luke’s

Luke: I’ve gotta get back to stuffing my turkey.
Lorelai: Oh honey do you have time to do that *and* prep your thanksgiving food?

x x
Luke speaks truth.

Lorelai: No offense, but lame-o kiss. You and Jess, like a couple of chickens pecking each other.
It has been brought to my attention that Alexis Bledel’s first kiss ever happened on this show, with Jared Padalecki. I had not actually thought it through that she was super young and didn’t have tons of experience acting or kissing or with tons of stuff. And even not knowing that, knowing she was really young, and making a constant joke out of a thing that is stressful to teens in general (how you look, how good of a kisser you are, etc) and probably a lot more stressful when in front of a camera is super not okay for me to do. I wanted to apologize about this. I have great respect for Alexis and other actors and actresses that start young and have to basically grow up on set, in front of cameras (and by extension, the world), in every way. I had not thought that through at all, and I’m sorry about that. It is not at all what I am about (putting a young actress down for the way she kisses? Gross.) Or what this blog is about, at all. I also want to extend an invitation to any person reading my blog, to call me out on shit like this. I appreciate it greatly.

The Gilmore house, and Yale drama

Natalie (to Lorelai): You have your mother’s wit.
Emily: Yes, sometimes I wish she’d give it back

Oh no. Here comes the drama. Don’t Lorelai and Rory talk everyday? How come Lor doesn’t know that applying to just one university is ridiculous? It also says a lot *about Lorelai* that her daughter, who she claims to be super besties and super open with, didn’t feel comfortable even discussing Yale with her. I mean, it also says a lot about Rory’s notoriously bad communication and confrontation skills.

This is where I get mad at Lorelai, once again. Does she have so little faith in her daughter that she thinks Rory is a puppet that got coerced into applying somewhere? SERIOUSLY? She says she treats Rory like an equal, but she only does that when they agree. When they don’t, Lorelai pretends Rory is a brainless child who knows nothing about anything. When Lorelai is the one who knows absolutely zero about how university applications work, apparently.
Of course Emily is hurt by Lorelai’s tantrum. Lor is so unreasonably against anything that has anything to do with her parents, that even if it is what Rory wants, she can’t take it.

Dean continues to be kind of the worst
It is beyond creepy that Dean just waited in the shadows until Rory was gone – and so she doesn’t see Dean being the massively insecure jerkface that he is – to go up to Jess. (His ‘menacing’ face remains ridiculous.)

He is such a horrible dickweasel. He is trying to provoke Jess, because indeed, Rory would think it was Jess’ fault, if they had a fist fight or whatever. And like, of course Jess has nothing to say. Dean is so pathetic, with his toxic masculinity and his fragile ego. When a girl chooses someone over you, you sulk by yourself for a while, and you let it go. Going around chasing her current boyfriend is creepy, pathetic, and a dick move.

Dean: What does it feel like?
Jess: Feels like I’m with Rory, and you’re not.

Heh. Fuck off, doormat.

“I don’t have to be remotely calm around you anymore”. What the fuck. Is he threatening Jess? What a joke. Dean has evolved from “the fucking worst” to an absolute joke.


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