Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.10

This one’s okay. 
Lorelai I (Trix) comes to town, and makes Emily super uncomfortable. The student council drama (with Francie, and Rory, and Paris) continues. Jess is kind of a jealous dick, Dean is… there, which is bad enough. Emily is the absolute best in this episode. There is a cutesy winter carnival happening.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Paris is happy about her Christmas break, but someone isn’t happy about that.
I love seeing Paris happy. To think about how shitty she was to him at the end makes me sad, but for now, I am happy she is happy with Jamie. Is it just me, though, or is ‘inviting your girlfriend for Christmas’ a bit too much for 18 year olds? Anyway. Happiness!
Francie is kind of over-the-top as far as high school mean girls go, but she captures well the ridiculousness that is often involved in high school politics. And Rory is way too out of her league when it comes to mean girls. She is not threatening, or mean, or fast-on-her-feet enough. Not yet, anyway. I adore Rory sometimes though.

Dean wants to be friends
Awww, Rory, darling. She is totally weirded out by Dean giving her her stuff back. I’ve been there. Even if you’re happy, even if it wasn’t a terrible break-up, it’s bound to be awkward and kind of heavy on the heart.
Rory does “incredibly awkward” really well. Call me cynical, or a Dean-hater (I am both things), but Dean, the guy who just threatened Jess like a week ago (I mean I don’t know how much time passes from episode to episode, but not more than 3 weeks for sure) wants to be “just friends”? P L E A S E .  I mean maybe he thinks that’s it but, come on. I’ve been that person. It takes longer than that to be friends with your ex, especially at that age. Anyway, good for him for applying to a 4 year college.

It’s Richard’s birthday!
Oh, Edward Herrmann, I miss you.
Lorelai wanted to give his dad a scale because he is fat? That’s not cool.

Trix: You’re single?
Lorelai: I’m single.
Trix: By choice, or do you scare the men with your independence?
Story of my life, Trix. Story of my life.

Let’s all take a minute to fully appreciate the fact that Trix rented her house to Korn. TO KORN.

I have said this before (on the episode where Trix first shows up), but what I have never understood and it bothers me is that Richard never says anything to Trix about how passive-agressive she is to Emily? Does Emily never tell husband how she feels? Why is no one communicating?! Oh, right, it’s the Gilmore way.

thatll do pig 

Jess is a jealous jerkface
It’s okay that Jess didn’t want to go to the carnival with Rory. I think couples don’t have to spend every minute together, and that it is healthy that if someone doesn’t want to do something, they can say so.
Now, what I think is really ridiculous and not okay is that all of a sudden he *is* going to the carnival just because Rory runs into Dean and Clara (Dean’s sister). So, he didn’t want to go to be with his girlfriend but he *does* want to go if it’s to check up on her?! Fuck that. Not only is that way too insecure for what Jess had shown up until then, but it is telling of how little he trusts Rory, and their relationship. The way he questions her like she is purposely hiding something from him is too familiar, and horrifying. As I was saying, FUCK THAT.
Like, I understand Jess not trusting or believing Dean. Dean even kind of confirms he isn’t being honest about what he wants when he says “Rory and I are just friends, just like you and Rory were just friends. And hey, look how that turned out for you…”. I get it. But being an entitled asshole to Rory, and not trusting her, isn’t the way to go about all that.

The episode ends on a scene between Lor and Rory, when Lorelai tells Rory about dinner with Trix (and how Emily took an hour and a half on a dish to passive-aggressively disapprove of Trix moving back to the US, which is hilarious), and Rory tells Lorelai about Dean and Jess, and how they’re both “fine” with their situation. Lorelai smiles at Rory, like saying “Yeah, right.” And I mean, *we* know they’re not fine with it, and Lorelai knows they’re not fine with it, but the way it is presented here with no more context or conversation, it makes it feel almost like ‘OF COURSE NO ONE WOULD BE FINE WITH IT.’ Which is bullshit, and it reinforces this idea that exes cannot be friends, that people (and men in particular) cannot coexist in these kinds of situations. It reinforces the idea that jealousy (and entitlement that comes with jealousy sometimes) is normal and something that we must accept as we navigate relationships. And it is not.
I will leave y’all with that thought.


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