Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.11

OOOH, drama. A former employee sues Emily for wrongful termination, and Emily asks Lor to give a deposition on Emily’s behalf. Francie finally pounces and pits Paris against Rory. Sookie runs into an old friend while taking a course with Lorelai.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Emily gets served
AH! Now I remember why I disliked Emily. I don’t care how much you pay your housekeeper, you simply cannot fire somebody because they walked too loudly. That is beyond unreasonable. Especially since I have seen Emily, and she is super quick to fire people, without even discussing her grievances and see if the employee changes whatever Emily perceives they’re doing wrong. I am also kind of surprised this is the first time someone sues her.
It is such a tricky situation, Emily asking Lorelai to do a deposition. I would not want to lie either, but I also would feel bad about not helping my parents. I think it is really shitty that Emily did not warn Lorelai about the deposition before telling her lawyer. Because it is true, it would look bad for Emily that Lor didn’t want to give it once it had been officially requested. But it is also then not fair for Lorelai, because it is an emotionally coerced deposition.

x  x
I choose to believe Michel just gave it away and is not actually a dog-killer. Sheesh.

But now, I get mad at Lorelai. Being snarky, sarcastic, hurtful and joking is a waste of her mother’s time, the lawyer’s time, and her own as well. She is such a fucking child sometimes. Not wanting to lie is one thing, being her usual immature, I-can’t-get-over-my-petty-teenage-rebellion self is just… NOPE.

Paris and Rory (and Francie, eeek) drama
Heh. Rory wants to be a meanie (by opposing a blood drive? oooh, scary) but she fails. She is too nice for any of that high school drama. Which is a good thing, but not for her, right about now.
Now, why would Rory choose the parking lot to meet? Who does that? HAH. The car alarm thing was ridiculous, I had totally forgotten about it. Anyway, moving on.

How did Paris fall for Rory doing something behind Paris’ back? It breaks my heart every time they fight. They are such amazing creatures and I want them to be together (as.. friends.. clearly) forever.

Lorelai and Sookie go to learn about opening an inn
The course seems so boring. They’re playing with a cootie catcher!

I ❤ Lor and Sookie

Then Sookie runs into an old friend of hers, Joe, and it’s super funny. But funnier than that is Lorelai and Alex (Joe’s friend and business partner) pretending they are also old friends telling each other inside jokes. Who hasn’t been in the company of old friends who are cackling about stuff you have no idea about, and have to stand there awkwardly pretending the inside jokes are universally funny?
Also, does Lauren Graham have amazing sexy chemistry with every single human on the planet?! It seems that way. I had saved somewhere in the back of my mind that Alex Lesman is Bella’s father in Twilight but I had kind of forgotten. There ya go.

That dude, Joe (who I keep calling “Ben” in my head for some reason, I guess ’cause it’s a generic white boy name) thought that meeting up to piss off an old friend in common was a date? How?! Men are so weird.

The episode ends with Alex asking Lor out on a date, and chatting on the phone.


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