Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.12

Rory attends a Kims family wedding with Lane. Lorelai goes on dates with Alex, who is an outdoors-y person. The hostility between Paris and Rory escalates. Lane is trying to get her mother to approve of Dave. Hep Alien (Lane’s band) begins practicing at the Gilmore’s garage. Luke meets Taylor’s lawyer.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Hep Alien start really rehearsing
The way their garage is packed with useless junk, the Gilmore girls also make me feel good about the mess in my room. That is terrifying.

What is also terrifying (although actually hilarious) is Zack, Lane’s bandmate, hitting on Lorelai. Zack cannot be older than 20? And he is hitting on Lorelai, who is like 34? He is confident though, I will give him that. Ah, to be white, male and delusionally confident.

Okay, remember how I said Dave was the worthiest dude in this show? Scratch that. He needs to be a jerk to Lane in front of his dude friends? Like, I know it’s played as a way to “distract from the fact that they’re dating”, but that’s bullshit. There are other ways, and also, who cares. That’s just weak.

Lorelai goes out with Alex
I kind of like Alex. He is cool enough. And he takes Lorelai coffee-tasting, which is perfect and I want someone to do that with me.

Oh, Lorelai, you glorious dork. Lying to a boy to impress him. And now you’re stuck with an outdoors-y fishing date.

Rory: We are going to fish.
Lorelai: With these [fishing books]?
Rory: Yes.
Lorelai: So we… throw them in and try to knock the fish out?

Luke teaches Lorelai how to fish! That is nice. And awkward, because it is for a date. But nice. Her outfit is ridiculous.

Rory and Lane prepare for a Kim wedding
WHERE DID SHANE GO? She was working at the Beauty Supply store! I want to know more about her. I am sad she is gone.

I admire Lane’s determination in bending Mrs Kim’s rules, or bending her strong will on things. Reminds me of my own high school years. But I mean, did she expect Mrs Kim to allow Dave to take her to prom? He is not Korean. I mean, hate to say it, but I know about square parenting.

They met in elementary school, Lane and Rory. I would have loved flashbacks of that. They probably would be super cute. I mean, they are super cute today, but more so.

The Paris drama continues
Madeline and Louise are my soul sisters. Discussing about switching dates and stuff.
Honestly, Paris needs to take a chill pill. But then again, this *is* high school, and I met some pretty melodramatic girls in my time. But I mean, Paris talks about how serious student council is and how professional she is, and she takes a very personal issue such as “my bff was talking about my bf” and blows it up at a meeting?

Rory: I didn’t snitch.
Paris: Said the weak-kneed turncoat!
Rory: Nixon’s bad seed!
Paris: Daughter of Judas!

I love them so much. Even when they fight.

x x

Luke meets Nicole Leahy
Taylor is doing his soda shop in Luke’s property, so they’re in business together. Enter the lawyer, Nicole. She looks at Luke with sex eyes.

Jess: She laughed at your jokes. We both know there must be some ulterior motive to people who laugh at your jokes.

Jess is trying to get Luke to go on dates. Jess should totally wingman for Luke. Can you imagine that? That’d be hilarious.

Aaaaand he asks Nicole out. Go Luke! Although I don’t like her much, but whatever. Go Luke.


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