Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.13

An episode with flashbacks. I love episodes with flashbacks.

As Lorelai goes through some Europe travel books Emily sent her, and Rory accompanies Chris’ girlfriend while she is in labor, Lor remembers the days and months leading to having Rory. There is someone who keeps changing his mind about the theme for his party at the inn, and Luke plans a date with Nicole.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

x x
Lorelai: Michel, we are not going to bury him alive.
Michel: …Fine.

I don’t know how to divide up this episode, because most things go together, but they go back and forth in time a lot. I will write about things as they happen in the episode, noting where it’s a flashback and where we are back to present times.

xx  xx

And with Emily’s old travel books, we travel to the past, when Lorelai and Christopher are both 16. I’ve heard criticism of the actors cast as young Lorelai and Chris, but I am okay with them actually.

xx xx

(Flashback) We go back to before Lor was pregnant, when she was dating Christopher. They’re such rich idiots. How does young Chris expect to even survive in Europe (which he plans to flee off to) once he runs from his parents? Or is he expecting them to forgive him from bolting and pay for his trip? He probably does.

(Today) Sherry goes into labor. I find it hilarious and terrifying that her friend Maureen keeps reiterating that Sherry screwed up big by going into labor before she had scheduled. Like, excuse her uterus for not living by your office hours.

(Flashback) Now we are, I am guessing, 2 months into Lor being pregnant. She doesn’t know yet, but she can’t fit in a dress she got fitted three months before that, and she gets a look in her face like saying, “could it be..?” Ugh. I have had a pregnancy scare and they’re the exact opposite of fun.

(Today) Rory is by herself because all of Sherry’s friends are busy and terrible friends. I would flip out. Especially since it is not like Sherry and Rory are super close.
Lorelai goes to the friday night dinner by herself, with Emily who is alone because Richard is on a business trip. I like the moments we see Emily and Lorelai alone, they’re interesting and often make my heart happy. Lor asks about what Emily does when Richard is out of town.

Emily: I am not an invalid, Lorelai.
Lorelai: Of course you are, mother. Why else would I suggest a DVD player?

(Flashback) We go back to a couple more months into Lorelai’s pregnancy, and to Chris and Lor’s parents discussing ‘the situation’ –  without them, as young Lorelai points out. Straub (Chris’ dad) is a complete and royal asshole. Slut-shaming Lorelai, suggesting Chris has nothing to do with it, treating his wife like shit for justifiably(ish) crying, suggesting Lor gets rid of the baby – which, don’t get me wrong, I am not against, I am just against Straub suggesting it for her, and as an option for him or his son to not have to deal with any responsibility.
Here, Chris’ lack of spine shines through, again. A few months back he was speaking of grand plans to flee to Europe and to hell with his parents, and now he is totally okay with them deciding for him, for Lorelai, about what to do? It is Lorelai’s body, and her life. I am glad she didn’t let them suck her into that plan of theirs.

(Today) Rory is freaking out that Christopher might not get to the hospital in time because Sherry told the nurse that Rory would be with her in the delivery room, Rory’s consent to that be damned. I am not a fan of her telling Lorelai to come because, gosh, that’s fucking hard on her, but I also understand that delivery rooms are creepy for many of us.
I hate how Emily blames Sherry for “dragging Christopher away from them”. Chris cheated on Sherry with Lor, made grand promises to Lor, and then fled again like he always does. How is any of that on Sherry? Again, excuse her uterus for not consulting about the fetus with Emily Gilmore.

(Flashback) Lor was by herself when she went to the hospital. I cannot imagine how scary that must have been. And now I am thinking about all the people who go into labor and they are by themselves. That sounds so terrifying to me.

Wait, was Lorelai alone at her house when she started feeling like she was going into labor or did she just not tell her parents, who were home?

(Today) At Luke’s diner, after Luke’s date with Nicole. Why is Luke yelling at Jess for wanting to let Luke and Nicole have some alone (sexy) time? He is trying to be a pal.

Now back to the hospital. I can’t imagine the amount of mixed feelings one could have when seeing your child’s dad having another baby. It must at least be weird. “Rory was perfect. She, however, is a solid second.”

(Flashback) A moment to appreciate the glasses Richard used to wear. I am here for them.

We are back to the moment when Lorelai decided to leave a note and leave her parents’ house, with baby Rory and the stroller. I wonder what made her finally decide to do it. I wonder how her months of pregnancy went in that house. I wonder about the months after Lorelai left her parents’ house, did they speak at all? How did Emily deal (I remember in one episode in season 1 or 2, Richard tells Lorelai that Emily wouldn’t stop crying for months)? I wonder about a lot of things.

(Today) The episode ends on a happy note, with Lorelai hooking up a DVD player she bought for Emily. And dancing. Dancing is important.


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