Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.16

Rory and Paris are both expecting their acceptance letters from universities. They are also competing to give a speech at the Chilton bicentennial, for which they are chosen to speak together. Lorelai runs into Max Medina. Sookie finds out something about herself.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

After watching the scene where Kirk is the world’s worst mailman, I think maybe it’s not that Kirk has a million jobs at once, but that he constantly gets fired from jobs and has to rotate between different things around town.

The bicentennial speech competition
Seeing that Chilton is so academically intense, and both Rory and Paris are super academically intense, Madeline and Louise are always a breath of fresh air. Waving their floozy pride and showing off their hickeys. As one should.

Paris hazing people like that before they give their speech to the judges is kind of pathetic. What happened to her smug “I am smarter than everyone ever” attitude? Honestly.

Poor Brad. He goes to perform on Broadway and he gets back to Paris still harassing him.

And like, of course Chilton would tell both Rory and Paris to combine their speeches because they both win. Because plot. Their friendship is important to me too, Headmaster Charleston. Thank you for that. I also think it is wonderful that ladies are the best at everything in this school.

Paris tells Rory, while preparing the combined speech, that she slept with Jamie. Lorelai overhears them and is glad to hear that Rory has not had sex (because she doesn’t trust that Rory would tell her or..?) and whispers to herself “I got the good kid.” So Paris, or others who are having sex – and let’s remember, they are 18 at this point, not even that young at all – are not the good kids? Fuck off.

Aaaaand then she doesn’t get into Harvard. Sweet darling.


Imagine actually blaming the fact that you had your sexual debut, for not getting into Harvard? Actually imagine it. It must feel awful.

Paris: After all the trouble the sex thing has ’caused me… I’d better have been good.
Rory: There’s the perspective I know and love.

Booops. I would have wanted to know about Madeline and Louise’s acceptance letters. They mention some disappointment at some point over Madeline getting into an all-girls school she hated, for example, but nothing else. While I appreciate how they’re a breath of fresh air compared to Paris’ high-strung-ness, I don’t like how the writing makes them appear like they have zero fucks to give about everything besides boys.

Sookie is pregnant

Sookie’s taste buds seem to be off, and both her and Lor figure out she is probably pregnant, and she is!
What the hell is wrong with Jackson? Who says nothing after your wife tells you you are going to be a father? Literally nothing.
And I mean, I know it is played off as something odd but cute, but Jackson deciding over the speed to drive at, what to throw out of the house, how Sookie should or shouldn’t move, to me seems more oppressive than cute. She is the one with the expanding uterus.

I am glad he sort of comes to his senses about all that. He has a creepy way of showing how happy he is about Sookie being pregnant.

Lorelai runs into Max 
I liked Max a lot. There is also something about him that I really just want to give him a lap dance while he recites poetry to me or something.

AND NOW THEY KISS. Lorelai doesn’t know what it means.

Rory and Lorelai come back home after the speech, and open the mailbox: she has a letter from Harvard: The Big One. She also gets a big envelope from Princeton, and from Yale. What will she do?


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