Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.17

Rory is deciding on what university to attend. The National Edgar Allan Poe Society is staying at the Independence Inn. There is a fire at the inn which means Lorelai must enlist townspeople to host the inn guests in their houses. Paris is staying in bed because she didn’t get into Harvard. Kirk is selling t-shirts! And Jess earns the title of employee of the month at Wal Mart, which makes Luke ask some questions.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

I make lists for everything, too. The Gilmore girls’ pro-con lists are magnificent and important.

x x
x x

I love Kirk’s t-shirts of random events around town! ‘Babette ate oatmeal’, ‘faux poes foes’, ‘Rory is going to Yale. Classics.

Jess is the employee of the month

And then the forklift goes, where’s the extension of me?!

But then the manager at Wal-mart tells Luke that Jess often works 40 hours or more a week. Oooops. Somebody is skipping school. Ah, Jess. I understand why he would want to work instead of studying, and the general spirit of “high school is kind of useless” is there, but honey, you need to finish at least so you can say you finished.

The Poe vibe, and the fire
While I think it is ridiculous, I can understand Lindsey giving Rory the side-eye because she is an ex girlfriend, and they’re 18. But Nicole, to Lorelai? I know they explain it later but it’s a bullshit explanation. Luke thinks Lorelai is cool, and therefore Lorelai must be stared down? That’s suuuper ridiculous. And Lor’s advice to Luke about not talking about another woman on a first date is bullshit. I mean, spending all night talking about one person seems kind of boring and repetitive and pointless, but of course people will talk about relevant/fun people in their lives when they go on dates. Regardless of their gender.

There is a fire at the inn during the night shift. I appreciate how Sookie yells “Charge!” as she takes over Luke’s kitchen to make breakfast for the dispossessed guests.

Michel: Everything is booked.
Lorelai: Have you checked The Cheshire Cat, The Maiden’s Teacup, The Cookie House, The Sugar Bear Inn..?
Michel: Every place that sounds like Glinda the good witch threw up, yes, they’re all booked.

I find it so cute that all the guests stay at different people’s houses. It does sound fun, and screams “small town hospitality”, which may or may not be an actual thing.

Paris does not want to deal
I am so Paris right now. Howard Hughes-ing it. It is not a good thing, but it is a quiet comfort. One cannot fail at Netflix.

Her interview kills me, because it is her own high-strung, intense attitude that probably took her out of the running. Which is foreshadowed on 3×03, Application Anxiety, when the advisor that goes to speak at Chilton says that interviews weed out they hyper-intense. Oh, Paris.

Lane is still dating Young Chui
You know how Lane has a fake boyfriend who is supposed to dump her so that Lane’s mom will feel bad about setting them up and will let Lane go to the prom with Dave? Well it seems like the dude is now in love with her, and she needs a new plan, because he won’t break up with her. Which is super creepy and coercive and not okay by the way? If he wont go on with their agreement? Like… let her go, dude.

Rory and Lorelai decide that Yale is the right choice. YAY.

The fire was pretty bad, and a really depressing sight. The end.


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