Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.20

There is so much going on!
So, we are in post-party feelings: Lorelai is proud of Rory, Mrs Kim is being cryptic about her feelings, Luke is mad at Jess, Rory and Jess haven’t spoken about anything, Jess is confused because his dad shows up out of nowhere. Wait, what? YUP. There’s a funeral happening. Jess has a tough decision to make.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

I appreciate the fact that there is one multi-faith church place and that the rabbi and the reverend just switch the cross for the star of David. They’re so friendly and neighborly about it too.

Lane doesn’t know where she stands post- drunk-calling Mrs Kim

Rory: Maybe she didn’t hear you.
Lane: I was drunk. I could’ve slurred.
Rory: Exactly. Maybe she thought you said you were at a smarty, playing clock music, drinking fear, and in love with Rave Smigchowsty. 
Lane: And how would that be better?
Rory: It’s much less clear.

And then Dave shows up at the Kims’ house. Adam Brody has a very interesting way of delivering dialogue. It works.
“I know you have very strict rules about dating and boys but I just want you to know I’m a good person. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. I’ve never gotten a ticket. I’m healthy, I take care of myself. I floss. I never watch more than 30 minutes of television a night, partly because I think it’s a waste of time, and partly because there’s nothing on. I respect my parents, I do well in school, I never play video games in case they someday prove that playing them can turn you into a serial killer. I don’t drink coffee. I hate soda because the carbonation freaks me out. I’m happy to give up meat if you feel strongly about it. I don’t mind wearing a tie, I enjoyed playing those hymns in my guitar and I really, really want to take your daughter to the prom.” Sweet baby.

Dave stays up all night trying to figure out what Mrs Kim meant with her cryptic message. He read the bible from cover to cover in one night, which is intense, and impresses Mrs Kim. It turns out the quote was Shakespeare, not the bible. But now they’re going to the prom together YAY.

Luke is mad because Jess was in a fight
I knew Jess called Dean a doormat (“He’s gonna make a woman a fine doormat someday” was the exact phrase) at some point and that’s why I call him Doormat Dean. I did not remember it was in this episode, and that Jess said it because Dean was taking responsibility for his shitty actions – helping Kyle rebuild the fence they trashed, agreeing to pay for the damages, etc. It is a shame that that’s why he said so, because it is the one legitimately good thing I can remember Dean ever doing. He is being an adult, as opposed to Jess who did not even try to help and instead had Luke go there and try to figure shit out for him. So Luke is taking Jess’ tips from the diner to repay Kyle’s parents. It’s only fair.

Jimmy Mariano is in Stars Hollow
I did not see that coming, that the dude sitting at the diner not knowing what to order would be Jess’ dad. The writers played that whole thing well. I thought he was just another customer that Jess was being inappropriately rude to. Jess is a super rude waiter.

Jimmy left the wallet at the diner on purpose, but for Jess to find. That is a super cowardly, shitty way to let your son know you exist and you are there. Jimmy left when Jess was in diapers, what the fuck is leaving a wallet with your ID in it as a way to make an appearance? What a dick. I am glad it was Luke that found it, but that puts him in the awkward no-win situation of either having that conversation with Jess, or hiding the fact that his dad was there from him.

Luke confronts Jimmy while doing something that looks like he is searching Jimmy’s hotel room..? For drugs, guns, condoms? I am not sure. I find it funny that Luke criticizes Jimmy’s outfit as if his outfit was that of a well-off, cleaned-up adulting adult.

Honestly Jimmy does not have a point at all in any way. He didn’t call or show up or anything for 17 years. Luke has every right to be angry. He still should have told Jess about it, try to have a healthy fucking conversation for once.

Fran is dead, long live the Dragonfly
Awww. I liked Fran. She was super cute and made desserts and seemed like she was the town’s friendly grandma.

xgladsex1 gladsex2x

Life goal: to be able to say that confidently when I’m Miss Patty’s age.

Of course, with Fran dead, the future of the Dragonfly Inn, which Lor and Sookie have their eyes on, is up in the air. So Lor and Sookie proceed to celebrate in the middle of Fran’s funeral. As one does.

Dean is getting married (in case you care)
Dean tells Rory he is getting married. Let us all remember he was just fist-fighting about Rory last week, okay? And look at what happens in the future (SPOILERS), during Dean’s bachelor party, when he cheats on Lindsey, etc. But, anyway. Rory understandably voices her concern over him being super young. I know it is none of her business technically but he did ask her what she thought and he HAD TO KNOW that’s what she thought. Also, he just sprung it on her like she is not going to have any conflicting feelings (they were dating, and they’re 18, and he just got into a fight with her boyfriend, and.. y’know?) and he asked Rory what she thinks. You don’t ask a person what they think and then get angry because they don’t think what you want them to think. Then he goes on to being all whiny and rude and rubbing it in Rory’s face that she is going through a rough time with Jess, and brings up the fact that he broke up with Rory because of Jess (nothing says “I am clearly past this” like bringing it up in the most bitter tone possible!) I hate Dean so much.

Jess isn’t talking about anything with Rory
The whole routine of Rory walking up to the diner and then changing her mind and then walking up again and then backing out, with Jess doing the same on his side of the scene is super well done. No dialogue, but full of visible feelings. They want to talk and make things better but don’t know how, so they don’t.
He should have talked to Rory, for sure. Fleeing was a super jerk, insensitive, not okay thing to do. But it’s not like he has that many examples of great, healthy communication. He should have apologized for what happened at the party though, at the very very least.

And then we see his fucking packed bag. Jeez.

I have something in my eye.

Rory: You’ll call me.
Jess: I’ll call you.

I mean, he does call her. He doesn’t say anything, like the coward he is. But he does call, eventually. *angry cries*


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