Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.21

Wow, the season is almost over! Jess decides to go find his dad in California. Preparations for graduation at Chilton continue. There is drama between Emily and Lorelai, as always.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

Lorelai is trying to learn phrases in different languages for their upcoming trip to Europe. “Does that guy in the Peugeot ad who had a bit part in ‘Armageddon’ live near here?” I like Lor’s priorities.

Rory is stressed out, Jess is gone

x x

Luke goes and tells Lorelai that Jess is gone. Oh, man. Poor Luke. He could’ve done a lot of things better, but he did try, and he does love Jess very much.

Then Lorelai finally tells Rory and Rory tries to keep it together but, I mean, obviously it’s not fine. Nothing is fine. Life is falling apart. Feelings are happening.

Jess has a failed spin-off
That whole thing with Jess going to California to find his dad and live with him was a try-out for a spin-off. I have watched only this clip from the pilot, and it looked kind of terrible. I still would have watched it, not gonna lie. I sometimes wonder how potential spin-offs come into play, and this one in particular. Why was it a thought, why wasn’t it picked up? In shows like Friends, who decided it was Joey who had to have the spin-off? Spin-offs are funny little television things.
I find it amusing and very realistic that Jess is wearing all-black and a leather jacket at the beach in California. It’s realistic because one should never underestimate the power of aesthetic in the mind of angsty young folks. He doesn’t even take his jacket off. He needs his outfit to match his feelings of not-belonging anywhere. I respect that.
I would have liked that spin-off to happen. We see Jess again after a while and it is hinted at that it didn’t go super well with his father, but I would loved to have known how or why. Did his dad get his shit together as far as Jess was concerned? How did Sasha (Jimmy’s partner) feel about Jess staying longer? Did Jess get along with Lily (Sasha’s kid) at all?

Jimmy: The sights. *points to the ocean* Ocean.
Jess: I wondered what that was.
Jimmy: Sand.
Jess: Keeps the ocean in its place.
Jimmy: Sky.
Jess: We have one of those back East.

Did Jess confront his dad about abandoning him and his mother? Did he get angry at Jimmy for being a flaky asshole? I would have liked to see some of that.

And like, Jimmy didn’t tell his partner, Sasha, about the fact that he had a son. Or that he skipped town after he was born. Or that he went to see Jess the week prior to said son showing up at their doorstep. Has he grown or changed or improved a lot? I don’t think so. I hate Jimmy. He is a dick.

The “conversation” Jess has with Jimmy breaks my heart. Jess is freaking the fuck out, sees little options and is trying to get a break. Even if he was the one pulling the super dick move to bolt without telling Rory, he must be heartbroken too. He is clearly feeling super shitty and Jimmy is there just feeling sorry for himself being like “oh I’m such a loser, my life is a mess”. Well, whose fault is it, at this point? Ugh. Unreliable men.

Rory helps Emily pick an outfit
Kelly Bishop is a gorgeous queen. And Miss Celine (the fashion consultant person) is glorious, Alex Borstein is brilliant at it. An eccentric fashionista who has met every single famous person ever.

Miss Celine: I had this exact shirt on Jimmy Stewart the night before his colonoscopy. He came through clean as a whistle.

What kind of line is that even? I love this show.

Then Lor shows up to pick up Rory, and Emily makes up a whole story so that Lorelai doesn’t stay for dinner. Lor of course catches on and gets mad. Honestly Emily’s pride makes her act super petty and ridiculous. She is hurt, we all get it, but Lor is trying to reach out and be at least polite and Emily acts like a little kid.

I am glad Rory calls both of them out on being stupid. Because they are.

Graduation prepping continues
I relate to Madeline and Louise ripping out the yearbook page where there is a bad picture of them. If only I could have done that for various printed photos of me. Poor Brad, of course the only picture of him – and therefore the only evidence that he was ever even there – was in that page.
Paris bosses Lorelai around a bunch, which is odd to see, because Lorelai is a parent. But Paris is intense, so I don’t put it past her at all.

Their relationship is so important to me.

Rory is chosen valedictorian, which is gonna lead to a big weeping fest for me (and you) on the season finale, up next!


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