Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 3.22

It’s the season finale! Wow. That went by fast.

It is Rory’s graduation. Lorelai and Sookie are figuring shit out for possibly opening an inn or not. Rory asks her grandparents for some pretty big help. The Independence Inn is closing/being sold and that brings up nostalgic feelings. Rory gives a beautiful speech and I cry like a baby for the nth time. Woohoo.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

The Independence Inn is closing
I aspire to the kind of friendship where I can just barge into a friend’s house with her partner late at night with champagne to bitterly cheer over failure and uncertainty. They no longer have a job, a steady income, or any certainty whatsoever on how or when they could start working on setting up and opening the Dragonfly Inn. Cheers to that.

Who will pay for Yale?
The financial aid for Yale does not come through because of Richard’s $75,000 check to Lorelai, so Lorelai tells Rory that she is putting off opening the Dragonfly Inn to pay for Yale. Rory goes behind Lorelai’s back to make a deal with her grandparents.
I absolutely hate when Emily asks Rory if her mom knows she is there and when Rory says ‘No’, Emily smiles. Why is she happy about possibly creating conflict between them both? Why are they happy about money being the reason Rory is going back to having friday night dinners with them?
The grandparents are still playing the hurt card about Lorelai paying back the money for Chilton because that means there are no more friday night dinners, but I mean, what did they expect, manipulating Lorelai into a relationship with money? Once the money isn’t a thing, the obligation is gone. I know they occasionally try to actually foster a loving relationship, but they should really try harder.

Anyhoo, with the new arrangement Rory planned – and I do like that she takes charge this time – Lorelai and Sookie are able to buy the Dragonfly. Huzzah!

It’s graduation time!
Lorelai and Sookie mock the guys for being all pretentious, talking about construction costs and insurance of fancy buildings. Mocking ridiculous bro things is always pleasant.

Chris isn’t there. Fuck Chris. Out of town? Pssht.

Oh, Brad. He chose to sing a ridiculous song in front of the mic. I appreciate his spirit. He either has no clue that that moment will haunt him forever, or does not care. Either way, it’s a win.

I had never questioned why Rory got the valedictorian speech gig and not Paris before. They both seemed parallel in their achievements, grades, etc. It could have been either of them. But it’s obvious now that I think about it: it was probably the C-Span fiasco. Not only did Paris have a meltdown in front of cameras, ruining the speech and failing to appropriately represent Chilton, but this was caused by her not getting into Harvard, and in turn resulted in Paris skipping school for some time and her grades probably dropped at least a little bit. Oh, Paris.

And now, the most important moment in the history of Gilmore girls, probably. Rory’s speech. I feel like it makes me cry so much because it’s how I feel about my mom. Perhaps I should remind her of that more often.

Paris tells Principal Charleston “No hard feelings” as she walks past the podium. I adore her. She is also super happy to see her Nanny and her nanny’s kids celebrating her. They’re her family.

Lorelai: I taught her everything I know.

Rory: You know, it’s weird. Most of the time, I really hated you.
Paris: Yeah. I really hated you too.

And they hug. We all think this is goodbye. Silly them, and silly us.

Jess calls Rory to say… NOT A GODDAMN THING
It is a really shitty thing to call Rory a bunch of times without saying anything. He is 18 for fucks sakes, and it is not cute or okay at all. Here comes the second most important Rory speech:
“Jess, I’m pretty sure you’ve been calling and not saying anything but want to say something. Hello? You’re not going to talk, that’s fine. I’ll talk. You didn’t handle things right. At all. You could’ve talked to me, you could’ve told me that you were having trouble at school, that you weren’t going to graduate, and that your dad had been there. But you didn’t, and you ended up not taking me to my prom, and not coming to my graduation, and leaving again, without saying goodbye again. And that’s fine, I get it. But that’s it for me. I am going to Europe tomorrow, and I am going to Yale, and I’m moving on. And I’m not going to pine. I hope you didn’t think I was going to pine, okay? I think… I think I may have loved you, but I just need to let it go. So that’s it, I guess. I hope you’re good. I want you to be good. And, um, okay, so, goodbye.”

But like, at last we see Jess on the other side just making his “feel bad for me, I am a lost soul” face. Fuck that. You left your girlfriend, you don’t get screen-time for your feelings.

Lor tells Luke to not get engaged while on his trip with Nicole..
.. in a dream he has. HA! Damn writers, baiting us with that dream, and foreshadowing unpleasant relationship developments.

I would have carved my initials somewhere in Chilton, Robert Frost’s banister be damned.

(At Chilton, before leaving)
Lorelai: Wait. Look around. You notice?

Rory: Notice what?
Lorelai: It’s not so scary anymore.


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