Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.01

Woah. We’ve reached the fourth season. That’s commitment, friends. Good job.

Lorelai and Rory come back from Europe and into the reality of not having that much time before Yale starts. Luke comes back from his trip with more than one surprise to share. Taylor has opened his soda shoppe and names Rory the Ice Cream Queen, without her consent.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Babette is adorable and wonderful but you know who I just love beyond words? Morey. He is just such a chill partner and human. It’s also a great, and understated. He is perfection. Because of Babette’s concern for the girls, they’re stuck calling like a million consulates. Boy oh boy.

Lorelai: Be a little less loveable, okay? ‘Cause it’s costing me a fortune. Try being one of those kids where people are like “Oh, really, she was kidnapped? Hey, well, thin the herd.”

x x

The Soda Shoppe is open!
I love when Luke rants to Taylor (or, I mean, in general too). It is always super entertaining. And I mean, Taylor did put a stupid giant window between Luke’s Diner and his store, what did he expect?

Luke: Look at this place! Look at you! All you need is six dancing penguins and Mary Poppins floating in the corner to bring back two of the worst moments of my childhood.

x  x

Taylor single-handedly decides to name Rory the Ice Cream Queen, because once again, Rory’s time belongs to everyone but herself. Rory confronts him and Taylor becomes a passive-aggressive douche-bag and tells her that she is now changed because she got into Yale. She participates in a trillion town things apparently and the one time she wants to take some time for herself and her own stuff, Taylor jumps on her. Taylor is a super manipulative dickweasel sometimes.

Sookie is having a boy!
Jackson doesn’t want to know the sex of the baby, but Sookie knows. And now Lorelai knows. And we know, too.

Lorelai: So…are you gonna name him Lorelai?

Luke is being weird about his cruise with Nicole
Turns out he proposed. And she said yes. And they got married. And they got separated. That’s what I call not wasting any time. Or all the time, depending on how you look at it.

Ugh, Lorelai makes a homophobic joke. Yuck.

Rory thought she had a week, but she actually has two days
She wrote the date for orientation down wrong, and it is a week earlier than she thought. I know that feeling. The panic is strong.
To complete all the errands before orientation, Lorelai happily volunteers to not go to the Friday night dinner with the grandparents. Emily is hurt and I get that but she made the deal with Rory, makes zero effort to build a healthier relationship with Lorelai, and then she gets upset when, after much rudeness on Emily’s part, Lorelai is not 100% committed to those dinners.

And now Emily is trying to keep Rory from going back to spending time with her mom in the most passive-aggressive way possible. That’s mean and fucking infuriating to me. Emily knows Rory only has a few more days with her mom, who she spends most days and nights with. Clearly she is disregarding and stepping over Lorelai’s feelings, but does she even think about Rory’s? Lorelai and Emily spend a lot of fucking time fighting, but not only that, they put Rory in the middle way too often, while saying they would never do that. Emily knows Rory has a hard time confronting her and abuses her emotional and financial power over her. Fuck Emily. Fuck everyone taking advantage of Rory.

I get the Jimmy Carter reference, but it is not that funny. They must be really tired.

Despite of Emily being a jerk in this episode, I like this GIF a lot:

Rory is going to Yale the next day!! So exciting.


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