Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.03

Lorelai and Sookie cater for a “Lord of the Rings”‘-themed kids party. Emily redecorates Rory’s common room without asking her first, in typical Emily fashion. Richard finds himself an unexpected business partner. See? The Hobbit, The Sofa, and Digger Stiles.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

I love that Lorelai can smell her mother was in Rory’s dorm. “The room, it smells of guilt and Channel No. 5.”

The third roommate arrives! Her name is Janet.
Lorelai: What is she like?
Rory: She jogs.
Lorelai: Enough said. 

The Hobbit
Before I talk about the hobbit. I will talk about Jackson being the cutest creepy dad ever, as Lorelai points out. He hooks up the house’s central sound system to the baby monitor, which is smart. Creepy in that an ominous baby sound that can be heard all over a house is slightly diabolical, but it is cute that he wants to do all the things for the offspring.

The party is going well, but when it comes to the food, Sookie makes a bunch of really adult, elaborate dishes. Oops. Lorelai understandably asks Sookie what she was thinking, and Sookie flips out. Has Sookie never been around kids before, watched a movie or show with kids in it, seen Rory grow up?! How does she not know such basics about kids’ parties? Melissa McCarthy is a queen in this episode. She flips because she is worried about not liking kids and being pregnant and being “Mommy Dearest”. Melissa does it so so well, and I imagine it is a very real worry.

The Sofa
Emily reminds me a lot of my dad in this episode, when she sets up fancy furniture and electronics in the suitemates’ common room, disregarding everyone else’s feelings and opinions.
Rory: Grandma, I worry that by you giving me all these things, it kind of makes it my room.
Emily: Exactly. Never underestimate the value of the upper hand, Rory.

In Emily’s head, she means well, she has learned to operate in the world using money to establish status, and thinks that that’s what Rory needs or wants or should want.

Is that table shaped like a stack of books? That IS cool. But I mean, Rory is right to be mad. What did Emily do with the furniture that was there? What about asking Rory first, at least so she could choose the furniture? Anyhoo. Of course, Lor is not surprised.

Lorelai: I’m not gloating. I’m just saying, when you sleep with dogs… you wake up with an entertainment center.

Rory means to confront her grandmother, and she almost does, but chickens out in the end. I probably would have too. Emily is way too hardcore.

And Digger Stiles
Emily: You know, some men retire.
Richard: Yes, and some men tattoo their mother’s names on their biceps.
Emily: I don’t think the two are necessarily linked.

Jason Stiles, who is the son of the dude who forced Richard out of his company a season or so ago, wants to be Richard’s business partner. I have to kind of agree with Emily here, that I find it immature and petty to make a business decision based on wanting to piss daddy off. In future episodes we see that Digger (Jason) and his dad have a bad and problematic relationship, so for me it’s not about Jason being “ungrateful” or whatever. It is about it being a super ridiculous reason to make such a big move. I don’t care all that much, though. His face does bother me a little, but that’s a completely irrational thought and it makes no difference on anything whatsoever.
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gilmore girls rewatch: 4x03 the hobbit, the sofa and digger stiles<br />

*Bonus: a college party*
Paris wants to start from scratch, be a fun and social person. But of course, she is her. She is not a super social, easy-to-get-along-with human. She is kinda awkward, trying so hard to be the best at everything, as if you could be the best at having fun somehow.
Rory is also not a social person, but she is more at peace with it. Emily sends some obligation friends her way. They try to give her an astrological nickname. Good grief.

Madeline and Louise show up! Of course they would be hitting all the first-week parties. I love them so so hard. I wish the show had had an episode focusing on their life in college.

After Paris kicks people out of her room, after the party dies out, Rory steps out of her suite and finds Marty sleeping on the hallway, naked. And that’s the beginning of a lovely friendship that ends disastrously.
Rory is so awkward about seeing Marty naked on the floor. I adore Alexis Bledel in this role.

Watch out for the boy cooties.


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