Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.04

This episode is too much about Dean for my taste. To be fair, a second of Dean is too much Dean for my taste. Rory visits her mom for the weekend and discovers Dean and Lindsey are getting married on that weekend. Dean has a bachelor party, which ends with Dean crying in front of Luke. Rory cuts her hair, Taylor is being obnoxiously in Lorelai’s way, Kirk wants to take care of Lorelai now that she is by herself, and Lane’s band is looking for a replacement for Dave.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Lorelai is the pretty spinster
Let’s not pretend what Kirk did was sweet or excusable because he is an odd person. Breaking into a person’s house, deciding Lorelai needs “saving”, installing an alarm without telling her, and leaving behind his gun sounds like stalker behaviour. It’s not cute.
It does make for a hilarious opening scene, with Rory wondering what the hell is going on, and her and Lor having to stay in a corner where the motion detector doesn’t work.

x x
x x

Because it’s a disaster – Kirk is terrible at every job! How is that possible?! – Kirk uninstalls the alarm, and ends up following Lorelai around on a tiny clown car. Hey, at least it is with her consent now.

Dave left for Orange County
I like how the show says Dave went to California for college, when in reality Adam Brody went on to do The O.C… which is set in California. Well played.

I also appreciate Rory reciting different famous musicians who have attended good universities. It’s the kind of knowledge I aspire to.
Zack: Weezer did NOT go to Harvard.
Brian: Well, not the whole band, just the lead…

There is not much storyline there so I am not making this a separate category thing, but Michel looked good on his fancy hotel outfit. He always looks super hot in my opinion, but the all-black suits him very nicely. 

Chicken or Beef?
Rory comes home for the weekend and, surprise! Dean is getting married. He invites her to the wedding last minute. It must be super emotionally confusing to be 18 and have your ex who was also your first boyfriend get married and invite you to the wedding. It is so not the age you expect to have that happening, too.

And here comes Ranting Luke again. I adore Ranting Luke. “There is no fate, there is no destiny. There is no luck. Astrology is ridiculous. Tarot cards tell you nothing. You cannot read a palm. Tea leaves make tea and nothing else. Jim Morrison is not hanging out with Elvis, and the Kennedys did not kill Marilyn.”

Dean is hanging out, super drunk, with his bachelor party crew. I do not understand why anyone would do their bachelor(ette) party the night before the wedding. You would probably be super hungover or at least tired, or not enjoy the party enough. Oh, look! It’s Schmidt (Max Greenfield) from New Girl! I had not noticed him before. Kyle is still the respectful, dorky dude he was when he threw the party in ‘Keg! Max!’ but now he is in the navy! He says a kind of whorephobic, weird comment about “feeling bad for prostitutes”. Yuck.

After the bachelor party crew hits Luke’s and it seems like he can barely stand, Dean starts mumbling about how Rory didn’t love him, to Luke. I want to feel bad for him but I can’t, I have no love for him.
I would never say that he cannot love both Lindsey and Rory at the same time, or anything of that sort, but he doesn’t seem happy. It is clear because he is whining about his ex the night before marrying somebody else, which is a terrible thing. We see it even clearer later on when Dean treats Lindsey like shit. I want to know why he decided to get married that fast, because “young and stupid” is not good enough for me. I want to know more but because I don’t and because I am strongly biased against Dean, I have no love for him.

Luke gets Rory and Lor to not go to Dean’s wedding, without saying why. I don’t know how I feel about all that.

Taylor is being very Taylor this week
He sends a cease-and-desist notice to Lorelai, because apparently, the Dragonfly Inn is a historical place that needs to be preserved… or something. Lorelai starts off nice but loses it because Taylor is being manipulative, purposely delaying and putting obstacles in her way. I hate Taylor beyond words in this episode. I want to punch him all day every day for a week.

Anyhoo, Lor learns about business deals and their dirty filthy ways, and gets Taylor’s approval to start construction at the inn.

Lorelai: It’s just sometimes, it hits me. This place had a long history before us, has a long future after us. I keep thinking it’s a part of our lives, but really, it’s the reverse. For a little while, I don’t know, it’s like we’re a part of its life.
I think about that a lot, actually. That I am a part of the lives of the books I read, the clothes I wear, the places I live in and visit. This is important to me.


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