Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.05

I adore everyone’s outfits this season, and particularly this episode. Rory jumps on the casual college dating train. Babette gives Lorelai some bulbs. Luke and Lorelai have a movie night together. Paris has a war going on with Janet, and Lorelai meets up with an interior designer for the Dragonfly Inn.


SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

I hope I never live in a place and situation in which everyone is worried about me because I am a pretty spinster. Not because I hope to never be a pretty spinster, whatever that means, but I hope people around me get a grip and mind their own business. Anyhoo. Babette tells Lor that “cultivating new life will help with her current emptiness and sense of loss”, so Lor pretends to tend her bulbs (it’s not dirty, I swear.) Babette is such a treasure.

A dude asks Rory out
His name is Trevor. I don’t care about him though. In class they were discussing Hemingway and another girl was talking about the socioeconomic context, and Rory says whatever story is just about love. I wonder what Rory is like, politically. She sounds very white-liberal-feminist-y to me, if I take every season into account.

When Marty met Rory, while laying drunk and naked, he said he feared he would forever be “Naked guy”. And now he is, at least to Lorelai and Rory. They run into each other at breakfast.

I have mixed feelings about their friendship.

Anyway, Rory had said no to the dude (Trevor, not Marty), but then she says yes to the dude. They go on a date and it’s super awkward, the way first dates when you are really young sometimes are, especially when you don’t have much experience dating, and when you say yes just because you can’t think of a reason to say no, as opposed to really wanting to do it. Poor Rory.

The interior designer knows Emily
Why does that matter, you ask? It does not. But it does to Lorelai, apparently. I understand wanting to separate your life from your parents, but that was a coincidence, and it is ridiculous to fire somebody because she happens to unfortunately know your mother. I mean, she has a right to choose who to employ, sure, but that is a stupid reason. A simple “please don’t comment anything that happens here to Emily” suffices.

Emily: I just found out that Sookie is pregnant.
Lorelai: Don’t look at me, I had nothing to do with it.

Emily knowing about Sookie makes Lor think that Natalie (the designer) told Emily. I am glad that resolves itself, as it should. Well, with Natalie anyway. Natalie misconstrued or misinterpreted what Lorelai said. Lor didn’t say she couldn’t work for Emily or speak to her, she just said that Natalie shouldn’t talk about what she hears on one side to the other. Emily takes all boundaries personally, which is shitty and petty and passive-aggressive.

Paris and Janet are fighting
Suitemate warfare has to be super stressful. You are living there, for Kurt’s sake. I have to admit that their tactics – Paris blocking Janet’s room (although wait, isn’t that also Tanna’s room?! That’s not nice), Janet messing with Paris’ crafts – are funny to think about. Both Paris and Janet are being kind of unreasonable, which is realistic for a dorm setting.

Movie night with Luke!
Lorelai: Just one more warning. When they showed the first motion picture about a hundred years ago, it featured a train rushing towards the camera, and the people were so sure that the train was going to burst off the screen and crush them, that the ran away in terror. Now, Luke, the train is not going to leave the screen.

They watched Casablanca! I haven’t watched Hardbodies, though. I want to find a list of movies and shows mentioned on Gilmore girls and watch them all. There is a reading list, but it is overwhelming to me.

I feel like Rory and Lorelai’s whole conversation about “going through a lot of non-contenders” has never really spoken to me. It assumes that all you want from dating is to find one dude to marry, that every relationship or dating experience that ends or that doesn’t last a “long” (which is relative) time is a failed relationship, a non-contender. That does not speak to me, a non-monogamous queer lady with close to zero intentions of getting married, at all. Sometimes success means that while you were a thing – whatever that thing is – you were happy with the thing, and when you stopped being happy, you quit the thing.

The episode ends with Rory asking out a random dude she met at the dorm’s laundry room for coffee, and him saying no. This might be the first dude to ever say no to Rory? Ouch.


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