Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.06

Emily hires Lorelai and Sookie to cater for a launch party for Richard’s new company, and exasperates Lor in the process; Richard’s partner, Jason, has other plans. Rory is trying to find a place to study, and Kirk is planning a date. 

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

Emily plans a launch party
Given that Jason and Richard are a new company now, Emily wants to throw a dinner party.
I used to think Emily was frivolous and irrelevant for organizing dinners and functions all the time, but honestly, she is always by Richard’s side, doing the PR for him, kind of. Those things are as necessary as anything else for the business deals, specially among their social circles. And to be honest, party organizing is fun.

So anyway, Emily asks Sookie, and Sookie accidentally announces the catering thing she’s been doing with Lorelai, because Lor never told her. Oops.
I totally understand Lorelai not wanting to work for Emily. Emily is intense and overbearing and mean to the people she hires. She does pay well though, so they agree to do it.

Lorelai seems upset that Emily is treating them like any other catering company but, ummm, she ASKED HER TO. Emily isn’t even being unreasonable at all. There was nothing humiliating or special about the way Emily was doing the tasting or taking notes. Sheesh.

Kirk is planning a date
I don’t like that out of all politicians he could choose, he picks Condoleeza Rice to make into a mailbox “to shove mail into her big mouth”.
In any case, he is planning a date and Lor suggests that instead of having it at his living room with Kirk’s mom there, he could take her to a restaurant, just the two of them. So Kirk picks Luke’s.

x x
This is still one of my favorite Luke jokes ever

Kirk practices eating and making conversation in front of a camera! I love Kirk.

Lulu (the girl): Wow, I’m getting the special treatment. 
Kirk: Well, you did show up. 

Aww, Kirk. Lulu likes him! Lulu is lovely too, and such a treasure as well.

Rory needs to study
I feel for Rory. She doesn’t look like she is fine studying with noise around, so cafes are out of the question for her. Her dorm room is noisy too, and her room in Stars Hollow is filled with broccoli tarts. [Those are a LOT of tarts.]

Glenn is a minor Yale character that I appreciate a lot. 

She finds a tree to study under, and the next day she finds a dude under that tree. So the following day, after Lor tells her to suck it up, Rory pays the dude 20 dollars to get that tree. Nice going, Rory. Bribing your way through college.

Jason has alternate plans for the company launch
I will go ahead and say right now that I am not a fan of Jason. I have heard positive things lately so I will keep them in mind for this re-watch.
He wants to take their clients to Atlantic City, away from their spouses, families and social obligations. He talks about hookers and gambling. So it’s basically a boys club where rich white dudes can cheat on their wives or at least talk shit about them in peace. Wow. Delightful.

Emily lets Lorelai know the party is cancelled much to Lor’s disappointment. The scene where Emily explains to Lor what happened is why I adore Kelly Bishop. She is an amazing actress, with such a wide range. I genuinely feel like punching Jason for being an insesitive jerk – even though I know Jason was just thinking about business, and being a rich bro.

So Lorelai goes to Jason’s office to tell him… stuff? And the first thing he says? “Lorelai Gilmore, you sure grew up good.” Gross.

But I mean, to be fair, nobody had told Jason that there was going to be a party, and Jason is half of the company so he has a right to make plans. Even if they’re bro plans.

x x

I absolutely adore the next episode. I am excited.


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