Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.07

The Festival of Living Art! So good.

Lane is still looking for a guitarist. The town is participating in a festival in which people imitate famous works of art. Sookie is still pregnant, much to people’s (none-of-their-business) surprise.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT

x x

Sookie is waiting for the baby!
OH MY GOD THIS IS THE EPISODE WITH RON SWANSON IN IT. Well, Nick Offerman, who plays Jackson’s brother, Bo, who is there for the coming of the offspring.

Sookie and Jackson want a natural birth with a midwife. I don’t know if I would want that personally, but it is a great thing to have and is perfectly safe. I am glad they do it as a thing that is not a big deal, even if Lorelai and Rory are being all squeamish about it. I wish they had given a bit more screen time to Jackson and Sookie talking about how they feel. Midwife-mediated childbirth is fascinating to me.

Everyone keeps giving their unwanted opinion on Sookie’s pregnancy. I am definitely not looking forward to that if I ever get pregnant. Once there is a fetus inside you, everyone knows you better than you know yourself.
Sookie freaks out in the middle of the night and visits Lorelai.

Sookie: Yours came out. How did you get yours out?
Lorelai: I swallowed a map.

Hep Alien finds a guitarist
After dozens of shitty musicians, the band is finally excited about one. Sebastian Bach! I love him. He is also a really good guitarist, significantly better than the rest of the band.
He is older though, so at first Zack says no and since the vote has to be unanimous, it’s over. Which may mean there is no more band. In the end, though, Lane sees Gill (the dude) with his family and cannot say no to him.

The Festival of Living Pictures
I would love to attend such a thing. It sounds fun.
I have to say, The few but consistent lesbian jokes Lorelai makes are much less funny to me than they used to. I mean, besides the age difference, what would be funny or weird about a woman asking Rory out? So heteronormative, this show.

Kirk is Jesus! This is everything to me. It must be interesting to read the bible as research for a role. You aren’t reading it as a religious text (or not exclusively, anyway), or as literature. But preparation for a role. And Kirk takes it very seriously, fighting Judas (the town troubadour), imparting wisdom on the streets, etc.

Lorelai is upset because she won’t be the Renoir girl, as Taylor and Patty are sure Lor flinched 7 years ago. In the end, Rory makes sure her mom gets the role she wants.


While the festival is going on, Nicole shows up and suggests Luke and her date, since the problem was getting married, not being together. I kind of like how her head works in this respect.

Later on, while Lorelai is up, as the Renoir girl, her baby pager – the one Jackson gave her for when Sookie got into labor – starts to ring. Lor doesn’t flinch though. and runs to Sookie’s house as soon as the curtain closes.


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