Today I (re)watch: Gilmore girls, 4.09

Lorelai and Rory go to a Yale football game with the grandparents. Jason continues to hit on Lorelai, and finally they go on a date. Luke hires someone to help him at the diner (now that Jess is gone). Paris meets someone interesting.

SPOILER ALERT. I have seen all the seasons before, so I am reviewing with future events in mind. SPOILER ALERT.

x x
x x
Lorelai: That’s some of the best hovering I’ve seen you do.
Rory: I was taught by the best.
Lorelai: But the focus. You never blinked. And the sneeze: so tiny, so dainty, so terrifying to the old.

Luke hires Brennan
Luke hires Brennan, who according to Rory is the kid who, in 8th grade, dissected a frog, didn’t wash his hands, and then ate a sandwich. He does seem kind of spaced-out and high and not too smart or likeable. But the town complotting to get him fired is not nice. Or easily justifiable without Luke first talking to him about the different grievances or whatever. It’s just mean and petty.

The game
I adore Paris’ commitment to college experiences. Even if she ends up hating them or doing her own thing, almost every time – the first party at Yale, the football game, spring break. I admire her determination.
Because her grandparents invite her, Rory agrees to go to the Harvard-Yale game, and because she wants to see her daughter before finals, Lor agrees to go.

Lorelai: Where are they all going? It is Saturday morning. They should be in bed.
Rory: They’re excited about life. It’s a college thing.
(is it though? where?!)
Lorelai: How come you’re not excited about life?
Rory: I find nothing exciting before 11.
(Amen to that.)

I want to tailgate with the Gilmores. They hired servers, and put on a table with some flowers there. What the hell. Those bloody marys look good though. Did they just put whole radishes and uncut cucumbers on that table? Heh.

They run into Pennilyn Lott, the woman Richard used to date before Emily. Lor cracks a joke and then converses a little with her outside the bathroom. Emily is super cut-throat with her the entire time, and is very sensitive to the mere idea of her. I don’t understand this. Emily and Richard have been married for a gazillion years. They were dating in college. Basically, WHO THE HELL CARES. But she does. And then she finds out Richard has been having lunch with Pennilyn for years. I think him hiding it from her is not okay, especially since he knows how she feels. But the reason he hid it was probably because of how unreasonable and controlling Emily seems about the subject so… I don’t know. Why did he hide it? In 30 years, he could have found the time to talk about his friendship with Pennilyn with his wife. For fucks sake.

Jason is courting (that word is hilarious) Lor
Jason sends Lor flowers, and calls her every other day, and keeps asking her out. He does not know her and hasn’t spoken to her at all in forever? He just said something about her looking fine and he is going from that information? Anyway.

Emily: And what about you? Any men sniffing around?
Lorelai: Eh. Just on trash day.

After that weird encounter with Pennilyn Lott, Lor decides to say yes to Jason’s date plan. Am I spoiling this if I say that just the way that relationship started – because of trouble with her parents – foreshadowed the way it would end? I mean, she wanted to say yes but was holding back, so it is not like she just said yes to spite her parents. I think.

They go to a super fancy restaurant with big famous people (like Ted Koppel, who I have no knowledge of) and then they sit in a private area. How awkward is that?! I have the firm belief that first dates in fancy places are the worst. It’s so stuffy and forced and stuck and just completely unnatural. And, the point was made by them, when they had a pretty good date by doing groceries and eating prepared foods outside the store.

Paris meets someone… else
Paris meets Asher Flemming (who is apparently someone important and academic-y) while having lunch with Rory and Richard. She wants an interview with him for the paper.
In Rory’s words (the following episode), “well, she wanted an interview, and apparently, she got one”, together with a make-out session Rory witnesses at the end of this episode. I don’t know how I feel about this affair that goes on. But I will elaborate on this later.

Possibly in a couple of episodes.


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